12 Best & Free Live Sports Streaming Sites

If you’re a sports lover and looking out for the best live sports streaming sites, then we must tell you that we have you covered.

Here, we have featured 12 Best & Free Live Sports Streaming Sites that allow you to enjoy free live sports streaming on the go on your PC, laptop or Smartphone.

With your busy work schedules, it becomes very difficult to watch fixed sports matches on the television.

However, with the coming up of the internet and mobile devices, it has now become possible to enjoy your favorite sports matches on the go. You can make use of best live sports streaming sites and watch live sports online.

Many online services provide live streaming of popular sports from all around the globe.

These sports streaming sites allow you to enjoy your favorite sports matches, including the UEFA Champions League, English Premier League, NBA, NFL, and Spanish Primera Division, Cricket, Badminton, Boxing, WWE, Rugby, and more.

Here, we have featured free and reliable sources for watching live sports online. So, you can have free access to your favorite live sports streams.

It means that even if you have a busy schedule, you never end up missing your favorite players playing the game. You can watch all your favorite sports matches whenever you want.

Here, we have made it easy for you to get started by listing the best & free live sports streaming sites that allow you to stream your favorite sports matches online.

So, you can watch your favorite sports matches for free online or on Smartphone apps. You don’t need to sit down in front of your television to watch your favorite sports matches on a fixed time.

Now, let’s move straight to the list and find out the best free sites to stream sports for free.

12 Live Sports Streaming Sites

Here we go:


ESPN is a well-known name in the live sports streaming industry. It offers WatchESPN for free where you can watch live streaming videos. They offer streaming of all major sports, including football, baseball, rugby, basketball, boxing, and college sports, etc.

In fact, it has one of the largest collections of sports activities. It comes out as a very good platform for streaming sports.

Moreover, it also comes with an official app that is compatible with both Androids and iPhones. So, it allows you to follow games easily.

ESPN Live Sports Streaming

2. Sky Sports

Sky Sports comes out as the go-to place for the most diverse sports activities across the globe. In fact, it’s one of the biggest free sports streaming websites where you can catch the fun live.

Here, you can watch quality videos of sports activities, including football, rugby, cricket, golf, racing, boxing, cycling, NBA, and more. So, you never end up in a dull moment ‘in the sky.’

Sky Sports Live

3. Facebook Watch

Facebook, the social media giant, has managed to make its mark in the video streaming market. Facebook Watch allows you to stream a number of different sports. You simply need a Facebook account.

You can stream one MLB game per week, soccer, basketball, as well as a range of unofficial streams that cover virtually every sport. All are available to you free with a Facebook account. You can also use the service for streaming live sports around the world.

  • You need to go to Facebook/watch
  • Login with your Facebook account
  • Click Search videos bar
  • Now, type sports, and hit enter
  • Here, Click “See All Live”
  • Under source hit “Live”

You can now enjoy the stream that you wish to watch.

Offers include MLB, cricket, basketball, soccer, and surfing, as well as other unofficial streams.

Facebook Watch Live Sports

4. Sony Liv Sports

Sony Liv Sports is an Indian live streaming service that enables you to watch live sports on your streaming device. It has obtained broadcasting rights for cricket as well as other premium sports such as rugby, soccer, WWE, racing, etc.

It allows you to watch these games for free without any subscription. However, the streams are being delayed by 5 minutes when you watch it without going for a subscription. This is not a “bad” deal at all, considering the content that you get with it.

Moreover, Sony Liv exclusively runs in India. In case you want to use it outside India, then you need to use a VPN App with servers in India.

Offers include: Cricket, EPL, WWE, FIFA World Cup, The Rugby Championship, The Masters, PGA Championship, All UEFA Leagues, as well as other programs that have global appeal.

Sony Liv Sports Streaming

5. Fox Sports

Fox Sports offers the latest in sports scores, the in-depth player as well as team news, videos, schedules, and standings. It’s a division of Fox Broadcasting Company, which started in 1994.

Fox Sports is particularly known among football fanatics. However, this free & live sports streaming site features many sports events such as soccer, golf, tennis, boxing, bowling, NFL, UFC, Olympics, and more.

You don’t need to shell out a single dime. At Fox Sports, you can enjoy sporting events as they are being played. Here, you also get sports news too. So, with Fox Sports, you can be live on the go. Here, you get all the latest in sports.

Fox Sports Live Streaming

6. SportRAR.tv

SportRAR.tv is a well known free sports streaming website, particularly with die-hard football fans that can follow live matches on the go. It allows you to enjoy every sport such as football, baseball, rugby, judo, volleyball, handball, hockey, tennis, racing, NBA, and a lot of others.

So, you never end up missing a moment with your chosen sport and players.

It’s one of the best known and most recommend streaming services out there. It offers several links for a particular fixture in case any link fails to work. You don’t need to shell out a single dime.

Moreover, you don’t need an account. However, the platform shows up invasive Ads. That said, the free streams that you get are truly worth the little trouble.

SportRAR Live Sports Streaming

7. VipBox Sports

VipBox is one of the best live sports streaming sites that allow you to watch all kinds of sports matches. Moreover, at VipBox, you can watch sports events for free. It comes with a clean layout that allows you to select the sporting game that you want to watch easily.

You can see logos of different kinds of sports on its interface. So, you can easily select the sports match that you want to stream live. There’s a live now button for international audiences for watching every live streaming match available at a specific time.

Plus, it offers the facility to set the website language to your mother tongue so that you can get the best watching experience. You need a VPN to run the platform in countries where there are copyright restrictions.

Offers include Soccer, WWE, NBA, NFL, Rugby, Tennis, Racing, and more. So, VipBox turns out to be your one-stop destination for live streaming all kinds of sports for free.

VipBox Live Streaming

8. Laola1

Laola1 is one of the best free live sports streaming sites which is based in Austria. However, it is available for all international audiences that can view its live sports stream. So, Laola1 turns out to be a good streaming site when your country doesn’t have broadcasting rights of the matches.

Laola1 offers tons of football streams from around the world. It has a very good interface that comes with a clutter-free design. It offers everything from football, basketball, table tennis, boxing, racing, to volleyball, and lots more.

With Laola1, you can experience the global sporting events irrespective of your location in HD video quality. You can even record any match that you want to watch later while disconnected. The site can be accessed on Android and iOS Applications.

Laola1 Live Sports

9. FromHot

FromHot is a very simple and yet effective live sports streaming site that allows you to watch live sports programming for free without facing any issue. It functions in the same way as other unauthorized streaming services.

So, you get the streaming link that you can use to watch the live match on the website itself. Here, you get several links to check out. It allows you to enjoy almost all the major sporting events for free such as football, tennis, athletics, golf, cricket, and more.

FromHot Live Sports Streaming

10. Hotstar Sports

Hotstar Sports has managed to garner huge popularity in India. However, it can be used to watch several sporting events airing anywhere in the world. So, it is home to your favorite sporting events in any of its featured categories.

Here, you can watch live videos on cricket, hockey, football, golf, boxing, kabaddi, martial arts, and table tennis together with lots of other sports activities. Therefore, Hotstar Sports turns out to be the best platform for catching hot live games.

Hotstar Sports Streaming

11. Yahoo! Sports

Yahoo! Sports is a hugely popular free sports streaming site among sports enthusiasts. This site offers real-time information in several sporting categories. It allows you to enjoy sporting moments in any device as well as at any geographical location.

Moreover, Yahoo! Sports is the go-to place for football fans. However, you can also enjoy other sporting events, including rugby, golf, tennis, boxing, basketball, and lots more.

Yahoo! Sports Live

12. VIP League

VIP League is an extremely popular free website for streaming live sporting events. You simply need an internet connection and can watch all your favorite sporting events, including football, rugby, baseball, basketball, tennis, boxing, UFC, cricket, and more.

It’s a place where you get everything live and free.

You can stream high-quality live sporting events in any of its featured categories for free. Here, you can follow live sports anywhere in the world. So, it’s a platform where you can go live on the go for free for watching sporting events from across the globe.

VIP League Live Sports Streaming

Now, we have reached the end of this presentation on Best & Free Live Sports Streaming Sites. We hope that the post comes out to be immensely useful to you. Thanks for visiting. We welcome your comments and suggestions. Lastly, please do share the post across popular social networking sites.

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