Top 10 Universities in the World

Universities are not just education offering premises but places where careers are built and futures are polished. The university days are undoubtedly the most cherished days of anyone’s life since these offer life-changing experiences and career-shaping opportunities. Universities all over the world try to offer best possible learning environments and salient facilities to students, but some of the institutions surpass others in this regard. Listed below are ten of the top universities around the world that have supersede even the most hyped institutions with dedication, determination, focus and inspirational actions over the years.

10 Top Universities in the World


1. Harvard University – Cambridge, MA, United States

Harvard University is regarded as the most revered, influential and prestigious university in the entire world. It is actually a private Ivy League research institute that was established in 1636 and has an extremely rich cultural, historic and academic milieu to offer. It is United States’ oldest higher education university and has the privilege to have the largest endowment of any school globally. For research purposes, an extremely varied range of disciplines is being offered at Harvard ranging from biological sciences to social sciences, history and maths.
Top Universities in the World

2. Massachusetts Institute of Technology – Cambridge, MA, United States

The MIT is a private research academy established in 1861 to address the United State’s rising industrialization. The university administration employed a European polytechnic model and emphasized upon laboratory training in disciplines like applied sciences and engineering. The university has proudly housed 84 Nobel laureates, 45 Rhodes Scholars, 52 National Medal of Science recipients, 34 astronauts, 38 MacArthur Fellows and 2 Fields Medalists as of 2015. The academy’s culture is entrepreneurial in nature.
Top Universities in the World

3. University of California — Berkeley, CA, United States

The academy is also known as UC Berkeley or simply Cal. It is a public institution, established in 1868 and can house around 37,000 students at a time. Cal has been divided into fourteen colleges and schools that include the much respected School of Public Health and School of Law, Haas School of Business and College of Chemistry, etc. UAC offers educational facilities in all disciplines from electrical engineering to computer science; economics to business administration and political science to psychology.
Top Universities in the World

4. Stanford University – Stanford, CA, United States

This university was founded by former US governor, railroad tycoon and US Senator for California, Leland Stanford, in the memory of his 15year boy Leland Stanford, Jr., who died of typhoid. Stanford University is located in the Bay Area of California state and was established in 1885. It comprises of seven schools, a majority of which are greatly respected and preferred for graduate-level education. The university offered free tuition until 1920, but later on succumbed to financial crunches.
Top Universities in the World

5. University of Oxford – Wellington Square, Oxford, UK

This University is amongst the oldest educational institutes in the United Kingdom with its roots tracing back to 1096. It is situated around 60miles away from northwest London and has a teaching capacity of 22,000 students. At least 45% of these students are graduate-level ones. At Oxford, research is given extreme importance and all five of its academic divisions’ namely medical sciences, social sciences, mathematics, humanities and physical/life sciences. The university, including its academic divisions, colleges, and countless external organizations offer above 900 scholarships for graduate-level students.
Top Universities in the World

6. University of Cambridge – Trinity Lane, Cambridge, UK

This academy is also counted amongst oldest education offering institutions in this part of the world with its history dating back to 1209. University of Cambridge can accommodate 19,000 students and 35% of them are graduate-level students. The university comprises of 6 schools namely clinical medicine, arts & humanities, technology, physical sciences, biological sciences and social sciences. There are approx. 31 residential colleges out of which three are for women only.
Top Universities in the World

7. California Institute of Technology – Pasadena, CA, United States

This University was established in 1891. Initially, it was named Throop University but later name was changed to the current one in 1920. It is also called Caltech. This institution lays emphasis on science and engineering and comprises of 6 academic divisions namely: biology/biological engineering, engineering and applied science, chemistry and chemical engineering, humanities and social sciences, mathematics/astronomy, geology/planetary services, and physics. Approx. 80% of the institutes’ undergraduate students have to take part in the research process.
Top Universities in the World

8. University College London – London, United Kingdom

UCL is referred to as the earliest fully secular institute in England where students received enrollment sans any discrimination based upon gender, religion, and social status. The academy was established in 1826 and in 1836 it became one among the two formation colleges of the University of London. Later on it evolved via mergers and included the Institute of Neurology, the Royal Free Hospital Medical School and the School of Pharmacy, etc. Undoubtedly, UCL is the largest and most respected higher education institute in London and by enrollment standards it is the largest post-graduate academy in the entire UK. It also happens to be the world’s leading multidisciplinary research institute.
Top Universities in the World

9. ETH Zurich, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology – Zurich, Switzerland

Swiss government decided that it needed to educate scientists and engineers to serve the country in their respective fields and bridge the gap between the science community and industry. Thus, the foundation for ETH Zurich was laid in 1854. This institute is engineering, technology, mathematics, science and management focused one and situated in Zurich city. The academy is part of the Swiss Federal Institutes of Technology Domain (ETH Domain). It has never been out of the list of top universities around the world and is currently the 5th best institute in the fields like science, technology, and engineering. The famous Nobel Prize laureate Albert Einstein also studied here.
Top Universities in the World

10. University of Chicago – Chicago, Illinois, US

Also known as UChicago or U of C Chicago, this university was founded by the American Baptist Education Society in 1890. It is most famous for its professional schools including the legendary Pritzker School of Medicine, the Divinity School, the School of Social Service Administration, the Law School and the Harris School of Public Policy Studies, etc. Scholars from UChicago have played a key role in developing major academic disciplines such as the law and economics movement in legal analysis. The world’s first man-made, self-sustaining nuclear reaction was developed beneath the Stagg Field of UChicago.
Top Universities in the World

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