15 Clear Water Beaches in the World

This is a unique and wonderful presentation showing some of the best Clear Water Beaches in the World.

If you are a regular tourist and love to explore the wonders of the world, then this post is a must for you. Every tourist cherishes the dream to experience and explores the Best of the world has to offer to them.

In this context, the top 15 Clear Water Beaches comes as a tourist delight. For a Beach Lover, exploring the pristine beauty of clear water beaches is always a top priority. The stunning beauty of clear beaches is simply magical.

They provide an opportunity to relax, rejuvenate and unwind yourself in a most serene and mystical way. Their crystal clear waters, sparkling sand, spectacular coastline, natural environment, marine plant and animal life, all are simply mesmerizing.

So, get ready to unwind yourself and witness world’s stunning beaches in this compilation of 15 Clear Water Beaches in the World.

15 Beautiful & Clear Water Beaches in the World

1. Waimanalo Bay Beach Park, Oahu, Hawaii

The beautiful island state of Hawaii can proud itself of having one of the best beaches in America. The Waimanalo Bay Beach Park lies on the island of Oahu and has been conferred with the status of being the best beach in America according to Leatherman’s criteria. It sports a truly tourist-friendly beach. Set against the backdrop of rugged green coastline, the scenery here is absolutely breathtaking.

With pure, clear, turquoise waters and white coral sand, Waimanalo Bay Beach Park greets the tourists with open hearts. Body boarding is a popular activity here, and you can be sure of your safety as lifeguards are always on duty. Expect quite a lot of breezy winds as the beach lies on the windward side of the island. However, its onshore winds make the beach great for sailing.

Clear Water Beaches
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2. Seychelles Islands

By far one of the most amazing places in the world, the Seychelles Islands has always been a preferred destination for tourists from all around the globe. Its miles of coastline offer spectacular and stunning beaches which provide you an excellent opportunity to relax, rejuvenate and unwind yourself.

Seychelles clear water beaches are purely an invitation to discover the breathtaking and pristine beauty of this amazing set of islands. Its turquoise waters, sparkling pale pink sands, towering granite boulders all are truly mesmerizing. It has been blessed with a warm and tropical climate which welcomes tourists all year long. It’s amazing local art, superb craftsmanship, cultural attractions, and natural wonders offer added attractions to tourists.

Clear Water Beaches
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3. Maldives

Straddling the Equator southwest of Sri Lanka, the 1,102 islands of Maldives offer most spectacular clear water beaches of the world. For beach lovers, Maldives can be the perfect holiday destination. It’s stunning clear water beaches, breathtaking underwater beauty, splashing waves, untainted white sands provide you with the perfect setting to celebrate your holidays like nowhere else in the world. It’s Sunny weather conditions and beautiful palm-fringed haze welcomes visitors all year long. Maldives offer endless things to indulge you including water sports, scuba diving, snorkeling, and much more.

Clear Water Beaches
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4. The Hamptons, New York

If you want to experience the most gorgeous and prettiest beaches of the world, then you just can’t afford to miss out the clear water beaches of The Hamptons, New York. It’s magnificent shoreline spans from Southampton and runs east to the end of the island at Montauk. Its unspoiled coastline offers a truly wonderful opportunity to witness the beauty and brilliance of Atlantic Ocean. It’s clear water beaches, white sandy shores, windswept dunes, waving grasses, and natural wonders, all are simply magical.

Clear Water Beaches
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5. Bora Bora, Tahiti

Situated in the South Pacific Bora Bora, Tahiti is one of the magical islands that make up French Polynesia. Described with the nickname of “Romantic Island”, Bora Bora has the status of being one of the most beautiful islands in the world. It is particularly characterized with clear water beaches, perfect white sands, lush tropical slopes, coral gardens, blossoming hibiscus, luxury resorts and spas, intimate hotels, overwater bungalows, thatched roof villas and fabled ambience making it the centre of the romantic universe.

Clear Water Beaches
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6. Fraser Island, Australia

Fraser Island is referred as the largest sand island of the world. It is home to a wonderfully beautiful beach. It is situated near Brisbane on the Queensland Coast. It has the status of being a World Heritage Site and of course, a pure delight for clear water beach lovers. Fraser Island provides an opportunity to witness 640 miles of unspoiled natural paradise.

Its breathtaking beauty and natural attractions have made it the preferred destination for millions of tourists from all around the world. It has much to offer to tourists including its beautiful rain forest, sand dunes, MAHENO shipwreck, crystal clear lakes, abundant animal species, and rich plant life. It is the only place on Earth where rainforest grows from the sand. Fraser Island can be rightly called as the jewel of Queensland’s coastline.

Clear Water Beaches
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7. Illas Cies, Galicia (Spain)

The stunning Illas Cies are a trio of pristine islands situated in the northwest region of Galicia in Spain. It is home to the world famous Rodas Beach which is regarded as the prettiest clear water beaches of Spain. It’s sparkling blue water and powder white sands attract tourists from all around the globe. It has been bestowed as a nature preserve. It provides the wonderful opportunity to experience the battering waves of the Atlantic Ocean. Visitors can look forward to lots of recreational options here with a smattering of beach bars, a campground, a basic market, and restaurants.

Clear Water Beaches
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8. St. Bart’s

This spectacular island in the Caribbean Sea is home to 20 beautiful beaches. Here, you the opportunity to explore beautiful clear water beaches. It is also famous for its fine French cuisine. It welcomes tourists with its graciously crafted hotels. It’s simply a wonderful treat to be at St. Bart’s Island and feel the magic of its clear water and white sand.

Clear Water Beaches
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9. Nantucket Island, Massachusetts

The Nantucket Island in the North Atlantic is home to many world famous and beautiful clear water beaches. Some of its popular beaches include Surfside, Children’s, Madaket Beach, and Quidnet Beach. It’s beautiful beaches provides the opportunity to experience the calm and serenity of its rich natural environment. The sand here is perfect for sunbathing as well as for castle building. The Sunset views are also a perfect treat for the eyes and truly mesmerizing.

Clear Water Beaches
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10. Lanikai Beach, Hawaii

Lanikai Beach is one of the most scenic beaches of Hawaii. It is characterized with lush clear water, white beach, sparkling sand, lush tropical plants, swaying palm trees and endless sunshine which go on to make it one of the most spectacular clear water beaches of the world. If you wish to experience truly magical moments, the Lanikai Beach of Hawaii is the place you should surely visit in your lifetime.

Clear Water Beaches
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11. Exuma – Bahamas

The Exumas are characterized by sapphire-blue water everywhere. It has one of the best clear water beaches in the world. The pristine beauty of the Exumas makes it one of the dream destinations for tourists from all parts of the world. It’s an absolute gem among clear water beaches in the world.

It provides footprint-free beaches, ultra exclusive resorts; flawless coastlines and beautiful islands that spell bound you in more than one ways. You simply fall in love with the Exumas. The Exumas truly is the ultimate escape.

Clear Water Beaches in the World

12. Comino Island (Malta)

The Comino Island is one of the most exotic locations in Malta. It is located between the islands of Malta and Gozo in the Mediterranean Sea. The Comino Island is named after the cumin seed that once flourished in the Maltese Islands.

It is noted for its tranquility and isolation. The Comino Island is hugely popular with divers, swimmers, and snorkelers.

It is currently a bird sanctuary and nature reserve. It is home to transparent, cyan waters of the Blue Lagoon. The Comino Island sports a white sandy base and rich marine life. It is also one of the preferred locations for filmmakers and has been featured in the movies The Count of Monte Cristo and Troy, Swept Away.

Clear Water Beaches in the World

13. Cayos Cochinos – Honduras

The Cayos Cochinos or Cochinos Cays is situated 30 km northeast of La Ceiba on the northern shores of Honduras. It is a group of two small islands and thirteen more small coral cays. It houses crystal clear waters and is home to a wide variety of marine life.

These islands have the second largest coral reef system in the world known as the Meso-American Barrier Reef. They also constitute Marine Protected Area.

Clear Water Beaches in the World

14. Hanauma Bay, Oahu (Hawaii)

The Hanauma Bay is situated in the Oahu Islands of Hawaii. It is regarded as the snorkeler’s paradise. It is a well-protected bay and has hundreds of tropical fish species. You get to experience calm and clear waters. It allows for great viewing. Thousands of people from all across the globe flock to Hanauma Bay.

The Bay offers close encounters with fishes who do not feel threatened by visitors. The Bay has the status of marine life conservation area since 1967. A wide array of efforts has undergone to protect its marine life, corals, beach and the bay itself.

Clear Water Beaches in the World

15. Playa Blanca (Colombia)

Playa Blanca is a perfect example of clear water beach in the world. It is located on the Baru Island which is about one hour or so by boat from the main port of Cartagena.

It sports a beautiful and clean beach. Playa Blanca makes a great place for snorkelers and swimmers. The water here is calm, clear and warm. It’s a perfect Caribbean paradise.

Clear Water Beaches in the World

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