Beautiful Underwater Museum Cancun

If you are an admirer of clear and beautiful underwater of the world, The Mexican Caribbean is the place you should surely visit. Its natural beauty thrills and excites each and every visitor. However, that’s not the only reason you should visit this region. Now, it is home to one of the largest underwater museum in Cancun, Quintana Roo, Mexico.

Beautiful Underwater Museum Cancun is an attempt in a unique way to sustain natural areas and ecosystems. The Cancun Underwater Museum houses some of the most beautiful underwater sculptural installations. You get to see these beautiful sculptural installations in the protected area of National Marine Park of the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico.

This beautiful Underwater Museum Cancun project has been designed and developed by Jason deCaires Taylor. His unique work has given him international recognition as the project is the world’s first underwater sculpture park. It portrays people of the Mayan Civilization and showcases their evolution throughout the years in “Silent Evolution”.

The project is a treat for divers and snorkelers who get to witness more than 400 original sculptures in depths starting from 9 feet to 20 feet. These unique masterpieces are life-size figurative sculptures. For example, one of these sculptures has been entitled as “The Dream Collector”. The sculptures highlight ecological processes and go on to exploring intricate relationships between modern art and the environment. All the sculptures have been constructed with special materials which help to promote marine life. They are environmentally friendly and play a major role in boosting the local ecosystem.

The project has been designed with threefold purpose. Firstly, the beautiful underwater museum Cancun helps in the conservation of the natural corals. Secondly, it has been designed to promote Cancun as a cultural and artistic developing area. Last but not the least, the project opens the door for many other fine artists in an attempt to promote its growth for many more years.

Thus, Beautiful Underwater Museum Cancun is a treat for every underwater explorer and simultaneously plays a balancing role in the local ecosystem.

Cancun Underwater Museum Images

Underwater Museum Cancun
Underwater Museum Cancun
Underwater Museum Cancun
Cancun Underwater Museum

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