10 Highest Paying Jobs Paying 100K+

It is money for what we learn, we work, and even we choose our profession to be established. All of us like to make money, spend money, save money for future. Money is something without which no one can leave. But what are those professions which can offer us highest payment? What are the highest paying jobs we can look at?

10 Highest Paying Jobs


10. Pharmacists ($116,500)

Pharmacists fill up and mete out prescriptions – doesn’t it sound pretty quite cut-and-dry? But in reality, it is not. This job in actuality involves a great skill and responsibility. They are liable in confirming the precision of the dosing amounts of medications and times directed by the physician.
They also need to analyze the patient’s other prescriptions to make certain that those medicines don’t act negatively together with the newly prescribed medications. As well as, pharmacists afford patients with information and caution concerning their medications. As it is important and must for physicians to diagnose and prescribe proper medicines to their patients, it is also a big responsibility for pharmacists to make the patients understand their medications properly. The wrong intake of right medicine can result fatally. So it needs skill and great skill demands high pay.
Highest Paying Jobs

9. Physicists ($117,040)

Physicists – the best brains rather most innovative in the world. Starting from Albert Einstein to Sir Isaac Newton, to Stephen Hawking – about whom we could say and whom could we leave. Physicists are those who may dedicate themselves into any areas – maybe it is atomic physics, astrophysics, or anything. In one word we can say, they get paid for their unique brain.
Highest Paying Jobs

8. Airline Pilots and Air Traffic Controllers ($118,650 – $129,600)

We all know Aviation is a very influential sector these days. There are enormous flights connecting the world 20×7. But what about them who make it possible! It’s a hectic job schedule for Airline pilots to fly across the world and to stay 100% physically fit. The educational prerequisites are also high for airline pilots.
They also need to get a commercial pilot’s license, and an Airline Transport Pilot certificate to enter the profession. Their high-risk job makes them enter the list of highest paid professionals.
Highest Paying Jobs

7. Lawyers ($131,990)

Our legal advisor, and most important part of modern business world – Lawyers provide great service to the society. There are different types of lawyers and their charges also vary. And we know there is no scarcity of legal issues around us and this makes the lawyers get some highest paying jobs in fields like a criminal case, legal aid, government sector, taxation and many more.
Highest Paying Jobs

6. Managers ($123,150 – $136,540)

There are various managerial positions that offer highest paying jobs. These jobs include mainly architectural and engineering managers, marketing managers, information analysis managers, financial managers, sales managers etc. As we know, the managers oversee a team and work with team members and organize work actions with seniors. Being liable for high responsibilities these professionals belong to the list of highest paid professionals.
Highest Paying Jobs

5. Dentists ($146,340)

There is a parable among people that “visiting the dentist’s office is that we’re going to see the dentist every time”. But it is not for all in practical. It’s generally for non-routine problems akin to tooth decay or gingivitis that the dentist diagnoses and recommends a long-term treatment.
It’s we who need to visit the Dentists for our own benefit and make the dentists earn an average of $164,570.
Highest Paying Jobs

4. Petroleum Engineers ($149,180)

Modern society is just blind without Petroleum – the liquid gold. And Petroleum engineers are those who develop ways to dig out oil and gas underneath the earth’s surface. This highly accountable job includes various skills like reading reservoirs, shaping the most efficient means to pierce in the fields, and then designing the best suitable equipment. The educational requirement is also high which is quite expensive too. So, expenses are probable to grow as your earnings many times if you can enter the profession successfully.
Highest Paying Jobs

3. Chief Executives ($178,400)

The company CEOs or the Chief executives, executive directors or presidents are liable to develop the strategic procedures, targets, and guiding principles of a business.
Chief executives generally possess at least a bachelor’s degree in business management, and many have further higher degrees. CEOs mostly supervise different managers and other leaders, and they may various teams that include chief office operating team, chief financial team, and chief information team and many more. It is justified for these highly responsible professionals to have highest paying jobs.
Highest Paying Jobs

2. Physician ($188,440)

It is again the Medical sector. As per our research, Physicians are the next to earn most. After the long hard working educational life, doctors make an average earning of $188,440.
Highest Paying Jobs

1. Surgeon ($352,220)

Surgeons are probably the most paid professionals at present. Surgeon’s fees vary depending on the kind of surgery, but all surgeons take concentrated education and training and no doubt works hard to come into the profession so it’s quite natural to get high remuneration.
Highest Paying Jobs

This was the list of some of the Highest Paying Jobs. In which field you are?

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