Top Ten Most Dangerous Fishes of the World

If you have to name one most beautiful and harmless creature that exist in the world then it surely would be the sweet, calm and lovely looking fishes. Fishes are those species that exist freely in all sorts of environments. This is why we find fishes in every nook and corner of the world. Have you ever imagined that fishes could be dangerous as well? You must be thinking .. a dangerous Fishes… how exactly is it possible? Well, haven’t you heard about the gigantic shark…?

Listed below are the ten most deadliest and dangerous fishes that are found around the world. Beware of them since now you have been warned.

10 Most Dangerous Fishes of the World

1. Tiger Fish

This bravest of all fishes is definitely the most dangerous one as well, which is why it happens to be at number one slot. Tiger fishes are famous as the real hunters of the oceans because of their razor-sharp teeth that just tear their prey apart within merely seconds. These fishes are found in abundance in Africa’s Lake Tanganiyaka and Congo River and their preferred diet includes humans along with other oceanic species.
Dangerous Fishes

2. Payara Fish

Payara or the Vampire Fish are considered more brutal and daring predators than the piranhas. Size wise, this fish can grow up to four feet but even then it can hunt a prey that’s equal in size or even bigger. The Payara has two front outer tusks too, which help them in hunting Piranhas.
Dangerous Fishes

3. Box Jellyfish or Chironex

Don’t be deceived by the name, box jellyfish is very different from other members of the family because of having real eyes, long flagella, and well developed nervous system. The aspect that makes this fish the third most dangerous in the world is the deadly poison. Research suggests that boxy jellyfish’s poison easily causes death within few minutes by directly attacking the cardiac activity and the sting never ceases to hurt the victim.
Dangerous Fishes

4. Puffer Fish

It is an extremely venomous and highly dangerous fishes because the poison contains a life-killing substance, tetrodotoxin. It is present in the skin, liver, intestines and ovaries of the fish. Once the puffer fish bites its prey, the poison enters the prey’s body and brain due to which death or paralysis is caused. It is said that no other fish present in the ocean is as poisonous as the puffer fish.
Dangerous Fishes

5. Piranha

We have so far heard that good things come in small packages but as far as the Piranhas are concerned, we can say that deadliest things may also come in small sizes. These tiny fishes are found in abundance in Brazil and South America. These are though small in size but the noxious bite is the real threat here. It easily turns its prey into bones within no time.
Dangerous Fishes

6. Vandellia Cirrhosa

This fish is a clear example of the fact that size does not matter. It is only 2.5cm in length and 3.5cm in width but still it has made it to number six in our list. The credit goes to its tiny size because this “toothpick fish” easily enters into the target’s body and to extract its main food source urea from the urine and blood of the victim it attacks crucial organs like the vagina, penis, and/or anus. It sucks blood for urea, which causes extreme pain to the victim. The only remedy happens to be amputation, which is definitely not a very favorable idea either.
Dangerous Fishes

7. Electric Eel

The name of this fish was decided after careful consideration because it does exhibit powerful electric current, about 700volts. Just one shock is enough to kill any living creature including humans. You may find Electric eels in oceans, seas, lakes and even school labs.
Dangerous Fishes

8. Goonch Fish

This catfish family member is mostly found in the Kali River that runs between India and Nepal. Goonch fish contains razor sharp teeth and is extremely huge in size, approx., seven feet in length. What’s more alarming is the fact that this fish loves the taste of human flesh. It is referred to as a man-eater as well. So, now you know the probable reason behind the continuous disappearance of people around the Kali River.
Dangerous Fishes

9. StoneFish

This happens to be one of the weirdest of all sea creatures apart from being the deadliest one. That is because it simply cannot be passed as a fish at all as it comes across as a stone. You realize that it is the stone fish only after you have stepped over it. It is also amongst the most venomous fishes around the world. Stone fish’s sting causes extreme pain and it is incurable as well as it can kill the victim in just two hours.
Dangerous Fishes

10. Lionfish

Lionfish belongs to the Scorpionfish family and is usually found in Eastern Atlantic and the Caribbean. From the outlook, this fish appears very sweet, charming and beautiful but from within this fish is devilish as it kills its victim with just one bite. Therefore, sea divers must be careful while diving into the ocean and/or deep seas.
Dangerous Fishes

Hope you liked this list of most Dangerous Fishes.

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