10 Most Powerful Handguns

You are about to witness a totally different ballgame now. It’s a post on the 10 Most Powerful Handguns in the world.

Known by different names such as revolvers, and pistols, the advent of handguns dates back to as much as the 9th century AD.

Most Powerful Handguns

The Chinese have the credit of inventing the black powder. It led to the actual invention of handguns as the technology passed on to Europe and the Middle East.

Now, you would be keen to know what makes a powerful handgun.

Well, it’s a combination of factors such as combat range, accuracy, reloads speed, and muzzle power which contribute to making a perfect handgun.

Moreover, a powerful handgun is packed with amazing launch potential. Nowadays, the modern day power pistols have become even more formidable.

They can fire big and fast. And they offer a hell lot of fun to shoot at any given range. For instance:


It has the greatest muzzle velocity of any production revolver on earth.

With the terrorists’ activities on the rise, you need to put your act together and need to come with a powerful self-defense system.

In fact, the sales of handguns have reached an all-time high in countries where it is legal to purchase a firearm for self-defense.

Handguns are compact and powerful. They are potent enough to stop an immediate threat. So, handguns prove best for personal defense. Handguns are often used by the guides all across Africa.

However, more than obvious reasons, some people simply want to procure them for the shooting power and the engineering marvels they are.

They usually prefer semiautomatic handguns as they offer high ammunition capacity and are truly dangerous. They are deadly accurate and have high power and ammo capacity.

With this short and interesting overview, we now head over and show you the ten most deadly and powerful handguns in the world.

10 Most Powerful Revolvers

Let’s witness the most powerful handguns:

10. Desert Eagle

Desert Eagle is a very powerful semi-automatic handgun in the world. In fact, the Desert Eagle turned out to be a movie icon.

It starred in Deadpool and The Matrix.

You will love the features of Deadpool:

  • Caliber: .50 Action Express
  • Barrel Length: 6″
  • Total Length: 10.75″
  • Weight: 4.5lb
  • Capacity: 7+1 rounds

And it’s not heavily priced either at $1869.99.

In fact, there is just nothing like it. It’s the most powerful semi-automatic handguns in the world by a long way.

It comes equally to the challenge in a 50 Cal semi-auto. Desert Eagle supports a simple magazine system and is the easiest to reload.

So, drop one clip and load another and you get another eight shots of 300gr Hornady hollow points. That’s enough to do serious damage.

However, its down in power compared to Smith & Wesson 500 and other heavyweight bullets. Altogether, you will love the amazing firepower of Desert Eagle.

Desert Eagle Powerful Revolver

9. S&W .50 Cal

The S&W .50 Cal can be a life-saver for you especially in countries where big animals can eat you up. It’s another very powerful handgun in the world. S&W turns out to be a sweet deal.

Let’s present you a quick round of its features:

  • Caliber: .500 S&W Magnum
  • Barrel Length: 8.38″
  • Total Length: 15″
  • Weight: 4.53lb
  • Capacity: 5 rounds

And it’s reasonably priced at $1123.19.

These are enough reasons to go for this powerful hand cannon. You can do a massive amount of damage with S&W.

It’s a monster revolver. It’s simply the most powerful handgun that money can buy.

In fact, you will love to own an S&W 500. It turns out to be a solid bear protection gun. It’s much fun and moreover makes your $1000 count in your favor.

Its best for personal defense and you can keep it by your bed. It turns out to be a big surprise for a home invader.

S&W .50 Cal long barrel generates much energy. You can count on its 2600lb/ft of muzzle energy which comes with this long gun. You can speed load it. It’s a practical gun that doesn’t require any special protection. It’s a big damned revolver.

S&W .50 Cal Powerful Handguns

8. Taurus 454 Raging Bull Casull

The Taurus is a good-old-fashioned but an immensely powerful handgun. It can handle 44 Magnum or the infamous 454 Casull rounds.

Let’s give you a snapshot of its features:

  • Caliber: 454 Casull
  • Barrel Length: 8.375″
  • Total Length: 14″
  • Weight: 3.94lb
  • Capacity: 5 rounds

And it’s priced as low as $867.26.

In fact, the Taurus is a good looking and well-proportioned, big bore revolver with a barrel length of 8.375 inches. Its total length is 14 inches and weighs at 3.9lb.

The Taurus is best for the African bushes as well as the bear country. It can frighten away the big cats, lion, wolf, and bear. It can take down the deer with ease. You can use it for hunting. That’s its main purpose. However, it’s equally good as fun backyard range destruction.

It offers the long double action as well as the single sharp action that comes with the hammer thumbed back. So, the Taurus is best at personal defense. Its long barrel makes it accurate and more powerful.

It’s one big and powerful handgun. However, the Casull is not suitable for the normal life as it’s a big monster of a handgun.

Raging Bull Casull Powerful Handguns

7. Magnum Research BFR 45-70

The Magnum Research is a massive five-chamber revolver from Israel. It’s a game hunting pistol. It’s a handgun meant for the African plains.

In blunt terms, the Magnum Research is truly brutal. It’s a two-handed gun that has some recoil. It’s big in firing and comes out as a big bore revolver.

However, you can find that the Magnum Research is slow to load. So, keep this one as a last line of defense especially against wild animals.

To get the best output, it needs to be laid out on sandbags, or on a bipod. Then it can drop deer or even bear if you’re good. Nonetheless, it’s the world’s most powerful handgun and best tool for hunting. It’s suitable for the African Savannas.

It’s unique, and you will certainly enjoy it for sure.

Let’s get to know some of its truly impressive features:

  • Caliber: 45-70
  • Barrel Length: 7.5″
  • Total Length: 15″
  • Weight: 4.3lb
  • Capacity: 5 rounds

The Magnum Research can be had for $1029.99.

Magnum Research BFR 45-70 Powerful Revolver

6. Ruger Super Redhawk Alaskan Special

With a 2.5 inch barrel, the Ruger Super Redhawk Alaskan Special is a snappy little gun. That said the Ruger Super is perfect for animal control. It offers a lot of stopping power in a small package.

The Ruger Super Redhawk is a solid cannon that comes in a small revolver form. It gives you 454 Casull round which means that’s it’s a handgun that seriously should not be toyed with. In fact, the Alaskans keep it as essential equipment as a pocket pistol.

Let’s peep into its main features:

  • Caliber: 454 Casull
  • Barrel Length: 2.5″
  • Total Length: 7.62″
  • Weight: 2.75lb
  • Capacity: 5 rounds

It’s priced at $899.21.

You can easily spot the Ruger Super Redhawk with many African guides that have one nestled next to them in the jeep at all the times. You can rely on Ruger when things become messy with an elephant, rhino, or even a gorilla.

The Ruger should come as a last line of defense in your home. It’s a very powerful gun in a very small package. So, don’t judge it by its size.

It’s a beast of a gun that gives you all-round protection in your home. It can take on a grizzly bear and a zombie. You can trust the Ruger for sure. You would love to have it for yourself.

Ruger Super Redhawk Powerful Pistol

5. Smith & Wesson 460XVR Revolver

The S&W 460 XVR is a massive and powerful handgun. It’s a large bore five-shot, single and double action revolver by Smith & Wesson.

460XVR Revolver was designed for use in Africa and Alaska as a hunting and dangerous game defensive revolver. It’s been built on the largest and strongest frame which is called as the X-Frame.

The revolver can chamber .454 Casull and .45 Colt ammunition. It’s the highest velocity production revolver which turns out to be a powerful defensive tool. It generates 3276 joules of muzzle energy.

The revolver involves gain-twist rifling. It all starts with a slow twist of 1 turn in 100 in. It then speeds up to 1 turn in 20 in to produce a high pressure in the round. 460 XVR gives the highest muzzle velocity of any production revolver on earth. It produces velocities of over 2300 feet per second.

The revolver delivers superb long-range accuracy past 200 yards. Its interchangeable compensators help the S&W fire .460 Mag, .45 Colt, and .454 Casull Cartridges. Its extra large frame delivers low perceived recoil on all loads. It comes with the long 8.38-inch barrel.

460XVR Revolver Powerful Handguns

4. Smith & Wesson Model 29

The S&W Model 29 is a six-shot double action revolver. It has been chambered for the .44 Magnum cartridge.

The handgun has been manufactured by the U.S. Company Smith & Wesson. The S&W Model 29 is mostly associated with the fictional character “Dirty Harry” Callahan that comes from the Dirty Harry series that stars Clint Eastwood.

The Model 29 came in 3″, 4″, 5″, 6″, 6½”, 8⅜” and, later, 10⅝” barrel lengths for standard models. However, other barrel lengths are also available on special order with Smith & Wesson’s Custom Shop or custom built by gunsmiths.

In fact, the Model 29 happened to be the most powerful handgun when it was first introduced. It can chamber and fire .44 Special cartridges. It was superseded by the Model 29-1 in 1960. The Model 29-2 was the one which replaced it in the following year.

Smith & Wesson Model 29 Powerful Pistol

3. Glock 17 – Powerful Handguns

Glock 17 is one of the most deadly semiautomatic handguns. Its simplicity, reliability, and high magazine capacity make it one of the most cherished handguns on the list.

The Glock was originally used in the Austrian Army Trials. It dished out superb performance where it jammed only once in thousand firings.

A Glock can work in challenging, demanding, dusty, and dirty conditions where other handguns especially the larger caliber ones fail to deliver. Its fifteen-round magazine power is twice the capacity of other handguns in the presentation.

Moreover, the nine-millimeter cartridge is as powerful as the .44 AMP. The Glock 17 delivers proper shot placement on target which makes it as dangerous as the other handguns on this list.

Glock 17 Powerful Handgun

2. Thompson/Center Contender G2

If you want a fantastically crafted handgun, then you should definitely check out this one. Well, the Thompson/Center Contender G2 comes as a fantastic looking handgun.

It has been fused with a wooden shield on its side. This handgun was introduced in 1967.

The handgun is designed as a unique single-shot pistol with break-action. It offers huge flexibility in terms of multiple calibers.

The Thompson/Center Contender G2 is perfect for hunters with amazing sights and greater accuracy. The gun proves good defensive equipment on the list. However, it is generally used for hunting.

That said the Thompson/Center Contender G2 is costlier than other powerful handguns in this list.

Contender G2 Powerful Handguns

1. Smith & Wesson Model 500

The Smith & Wesson Model 500 is the most killer and lethal handgun on this list and holds the topmost spot in the ten most lethal and powerful handguns in the world.

It is manufactured by Smith & Wesson. Smith & Wesson Model 500 can kill anybody with a single bullet.

Moreover, the pressure produced from the cartridge (exerted to the frames) is so lethal that none of the S&W pistols can handle.

The handgun was designed in 2002. The pistol stands to the greatest even till today.

Smith & Wesson Model 500 cost around $1400

Smith & Wesson Model 500 Powerful Handgun

So, that was the list of 10 Most Powerful Handguns in the world. We hope that you now are well acquainted with the most lethal handguns in the world.

We have delivered as much information that would be necessary for you and help you to purchase if you want one. However, for the ones who want to know about the top and lethal handguns, the post has offered much to you.

What’s your take? Do let us know and leave your comment below. Please share the post on Facebook, Google Plus, and Twitter.

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