Top Ten Largest Dog Breeds in the World

Dogs of all sorts of shapes and sizes have been around for ages and legend has it that history’s largest dog was a Great Dane the name of which was Zeus. Dog sizes vary greatly because some dogs are so small that they can easily fit into a handbag whereas some are so huge that they can even dominate humans. This list will inform you about the largest dog breeds found around the world.

10 Most Largest Dog Breeds

10. Caucasian Shepherd

These dogs are huge but not very heavy. An adult male Caucasian Shepherd can reach a height of 70cm/28” and a maximum weight of 99pounds/45kg. Caucasian Shepherds are sturdy and intelligent dogs with slightly aggressive temperament but overall this is an obedient breed. The dogs were bred in the Caucus Mountains to prevent or fight mountain predators, thus, these were named Caucasian Shepherd.
Largest Dog Breeds

9. Kuvasz

Although Kuvasz were bred in Tibet originally but are much commonly found in Hungary now because the royal family uses them as hunting and guard dogs. This is yet another breed of huge dogs since a male adult Kuvasz can grow to be 76cm/30” tall and their maximum weight can reach up to 150pounds/68kg. This means Kuvasz can be twice as huge as Caucasian Shepherd. This breed possesses thick white fur and tends to be quite large naturally.
Largest Dog Breeds

8. English Mastiff

This breed is widely regarded as among the largest of all dog breeds around the world in terms of body mass and size. English Mastiffs have been around from the oldest of times, their earliest signs of existence date back to the 6th century to be specific. Even the great Caesar was highly impressed by the obedience, loyalty and strength of English Mastiffs during the Roman conquest of England. Typically, a male adult English Mastiff can weigh between 250pounds/113kg and 343pounds/156kg.
Largest Dog Breeds

7. Scottish Deerhound

Also known as just Deerhound, this is yet another breed of tall, lean dogs. History suggests that Deerhounds were bred to stalk the red deer and hunt for the hoofed game by the Scots and Picts. Male adults can reach a height of 32”/80cm and a maximum weight of 95pounds/43kg.
Largest Dog Breeds

6. Neapolitan Mastiff

The Mastiffs are generally large-sized dogs, which is why two of the breeds are in our list. Neapolitan mastiff is a popular breed, but the dogs aren’t as impressively large in terms of height. Otherwise, these are huge dogs with maximum weight reaching up to 155pounds/70kg in males and 60kg/130pounds in females. Neapolitan mastiffs are fearless, intelligent, protective and independently thinking dogs.
Largest Dog Breeds

5. The Irish Wolfhound

The Irish Wolfhounds were bred originally as war hounds and were mainly used for guarding and hunting purposes. This is also among the oldest existing breeds of dogs with its earliest sightings dating back to 7000BC. These dogs can reach a maximum height of 86cm/34” and are counted amongst the tallest dog breeds in the world. Weight wise, these aren’t as impressive as other on our list as their maximum weight reaches 55kg/120pounds in males and 48kg/105pounds in females.
Largest Dog Breeds

4. Boerboel

These guard dogs are sturdy, large and usually bred in South Africa. These have formidable proportion and can grow to be 70cm/27” tall and weight can be 220pounds/100kg max. This is a breed of highly obedient and intelligent dogs possessing extreme territorial instincts. Boerboel dog breed is loyal, protective and loving towards family and kids.
Largest Dog Breeds

3. Russian Black Terrier

Originally these dogs were bred in the USSR between the 1940s and 1950s primarily for military and spying purposes. This is a cross breed of more than 17 different dog breeds. Male dogs may reach a height of up to 78cm/28” and a maximum weight of 130pounds/60kg. Female Black Terriers are relatively smaller and lighter. These dogs are courageous, calm, intelligent, adaptable, confident and self-assured dogs. Generally black terriers are healthy dogs and have an average lifespan of up to 14 years.
Largest Dog Breeds

2. Kangal

Kangal used to be bred in Turkey as livestock guardians. Their maximum height may reach 32”/81cm and weight may reach 66kg in males and 54kg in females. Don’t be deceived by their weight, which is lesser than the mastiffs, because these are way faster, agile and cunning than other larger breeds. Their max speed may reach 30miles/50km per hour. Kangals are calm, composed, independent, protective and extremely powerful dogs who are great with kids and visitors.
Largest Dog Breeds

1.Great Dane

No other breed can surpass the Great Danes in the race of largest dog breeds. These are widely noted for their large size, reaching a height of over 30”/76cm. The name Great Dane was given to this breed because the majority of world’s tallest living dogs are from this breed. The Great Danes are very friendly towards people, non-canine pets as well as other dog breeds.
Largest Dog Breeds

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