10 Smallest Dog Breeds in the World

Do you love small dogs? Well, small dogs are one of the cutest mammals on earth. They are adorable and are the perfect companion for families. If your heart goes out for small dogs, just explore this post as we showcase a compilation of the smallest dog breeds in the world.

Small dogs are damn cuddly and are a pure delight to hold. They are a treat to watch with all their peculiar habits and traits. Despite their small size, they have a unique personality. You can hold them in your lap and can easily take them along with you wherever you go. You simply fall in love with tiny and small dogs.

So, if you are planning to include a tiny dog in your families simply go through this post as here, we have showcased the smallest dog breeds in the world.

Getting to know more about these small dogs is always exciting. You want to know about their habits, how they behave, what they are fond of, and most importantly how to take care of them.

In spite of their cuddliness and cute composure, the small dogs need ultimate care and attention viz a viz their counterparts, the bigger dogs. They are prone to cold and even need short daily walks so as to remain active all the while. So, you need to take care of small dogs. That’s the only way they can live a healthy life and be a source of happiness for all your family members and loved ones.

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So, let’s see what’s in store for you in this presentation of the smallest dog breeds in the world.

10 World’s Smallest Dog Breeds

1. Chihuahuas

Chihuahuas are the smallest dog breed in the world. They are a Mexican dog breed and are only 6-10 inches tall. They weigh just 4-6 pounds and live about 12-20 years. They are known for their fierce bark, short stature, and big ears.

If you are looking for the smallest dog breeds, Chihuahuas are the ones you should consider.

Chihuahuas are considered to be an exceptional watchdog. However, despite having several charming qualities, Chihuahuas are not safe for kids. They are prone to snapping, nipping and biting when threatened or frightened. Moreover, they require consistent training right from its puppyhood. They come in a variety of coat types and colors.

Smallest Dog Breeds Chihuahuas

2. Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkies are the second smallest dog breed in the world after Chihuahuas. They are 8-9 inches tall and weigh between 4 and 7 pounds. Yorkshire Terrier usually has a lifespan of 12 to 16 years. The dog has long and a beautiful coat of gold and blue. They can be trained easily and love to explore indoors and outdoors. They are curious and alert and tend to be good watchdog too. They love taking long walks.

Smallest Dog Breeds Yorkshire Terrier

3. Pomeranian

Pomeranian is one of the most popular small dog breed in the world. They grow to a height of 5-11 inches and weigh between 4 and 8 pounds. If a Pomeranian seems large to you, it is only because of their fur and personality.

In fact, fur is one of their defining characteristics. They have the most diverse coat colors including white, black, and everything in between. They require regular grooming including a trim once in a couple of months. They are alert and have an extrovert personality.

Moreover, they can be trained easily. They are often known as “smart little dogs.” They usually develop the habit of excessive barking and are found to be aggressive with other dogs.

Smallest Dog Breeds Pomeranian

4. Dachshunds

Dachshunds are considered to be one of the smallest dogs breed in the world. This is largely attributed to their lively spirit.

Dachshunds come in two sizes – Miniature and Standard. Miniature grow to a height of 5-6 inches while Standard is 8 to 9 inches in height. Miniatures weigh only 11 pounds while can weigh anywhere between 16 – 32 pounds. They have a unique body shape and are particularly known for their character, devotion, and intelligence. They have short legs, and long back. They are usually brave and reckless. Dachshunds tend to be great family companions.

Smallest Dog Breeds Dachshunds

5. Toy Poodle

Toy Poodle is one of the most stylish and cutest small dogs breed in the world. They are 10 inches in height and weigh between 5 and 10 pounds. They have a lifespan of 14 to 18 years.

Toy Poodles are brilliant family dogs, and that’s one thing which makes them quite popular with dog lovers. They have highly developed humor sense and are easy to train. They have a low-shedding coat and require grooming every 4-6 weeks. They have various coat colors including black, apricot, blue, gray, silver, white and cream. They are even 2-tone.

Smallest Dog Breeds Toy Poodle

6. Papillon

The Papillon is often known as the “butterfly-eared” dog. Papillon grows to a height of 8-12 inches and weighs about 7 to 10 pounds. This small dog breed is friendly with children, strangers, and other pets. They are very energetic and intelligent. They are known to be superb companion animals. However, they can be quite vocal at times.

Smallest Dog Breeds Papillon

7. Russian Toy

As you would have probably guessed Russian toy hails from Russia. It was little known outside Russia until the 1990s. It stands between 7 to 11 inches in height and weighs between 2 and 6 pounds. The small dog has two varieties of the coat, smooth coat, and a long coat.

The Russian toy is quite a vocal watchdog. They are loyal and friendly with kids and family members. They prefer being carried around.

Smallest Dog Breeds Russian Toy

8. Maltese

Maltese is another cute small dog breed. They are gentle, smart, and fearless. Their look is quite impressive with white cloak covered with silky hair. They are 8-10 inches in height and weigh between 4 and 7 pounds. They tend to live about 15 to 18 years.

Maltese are known for their “puppy-like” attitude. It is an intelligent small dog and quickly learns tricks and even loves to show them off. They prefer living indoors. Its happy-go nature makes him a superb pet. However, families who have small children should still be cautious and prefer not to leave their kids alone with this courageous small dog.

Smallest Dog Breeds Maltese

9. Bichon Frise

Bichon Frise is very cheerful and fluffy small dogs. They grow to a height of 7 inches and weigh about 10-20 pounds. They come with striking black eyes and are extremely fluffy. They usually have cream or pale yellow color. They portray a graceful look with an arched neck and a well-plumped tail. They are good-natured, as well.

Smallest Dog Breeds Bichon Frise

10. Pug

Last, in this list of smallest dog breeds in the world, comes a Pug. They grow to a height of 12 – 14 inches and weigh about 14 to 18 pounds. They are characterized by a glossy, smooth and a short coat. A Pug is an intense shudder. They are usually black, silver and fawn in color. It’s a great companion and loves to follow you wherever you go. They are sweet, warm and affectionate. They are not a good watchdog as they are instantly friendly with strangers. They love long walks.

Smallest Dog Breeds Pug

We hope that you have liked and enjoyed this presentation on the Smallest Dog Breeds in the World. Do share your comments with us.

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