Life Hacks for Girls: 25 Hacks Every Girl Should Know

Being a girl can turn out to be complicated at times. You have to take care of your looks, health, clothes, and accessories. Plus, you to manage lots of other things, as well.

If you are working woman things, become even more complicated. There is a time constraint. You have to put everything in order so that you can smoothly run your life.

That’s simply the reasons which make life hacks so amazing.

Here, we go on to showcase some fantastic life hacks for girls. These little but extremely useful tips will make your life more organized.

At times you look for tips, and tricks to increase your productivity. After all, you do not want to mess up around and waste your precious time. You want to move on in life with ease.

These amazing life hacks for girls will prove immensely helpful to you in all walks of life. All of these life hacks don’t require much effort but certainly improve the quality of your daily life.

I am sure you must be searching for smart and useful life hacks for girls. If you are also one of those who are looking for life hacks, then get ready to witness this exclusive and amazing collection of life hacks for girls.

You can use these small but useful novelty methods to give a sense of organization to your life.

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So, let’s get on and explore these wonderful life hacks for girls.

25 Productive Life Hacks for Girls

1. Use a magnet board to store your makeup

Using magnet board for storing makeup is a good way for keeping track of your makeup kit. It helps you to stay organized and saves your time.

Magnet Board
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2. Use shower curtain hooks to hang your purses

Purses are one of your precious possessions. Keep them nicely by using shower curtain hooks. So simple!

Shower Curtain Hooks

3. Use cutlery trays to store your jewelry

You will never want to lose your jewelry sets. At times it happens that you place your jewelry and forget where you have kept them. A better way to store your jewelry is to use cutlery trays or utensil trays.

Cutlery Trays

4. Use frozen grapes to chill white wine

Drinking chilled white wine is a treat. But what is the easiest way to chill white wine? Well, here’s the solution. You can use frozen grapes to chill white wine.

Frozen Grapes

5. Use a magnetic strip to organize all your metal products

A magnetic strip can be highly useful for you. You can use a magnetic strip in your bathroom to organize all your metal products such as bobby pins, hair clips, nail clippers, etc. So Cool!

Magnetic Strip

6. Use Painted Keys

You can easily forget which of your keys opens which door. To overcome this problem you can paint your keys with nail polish so that you can remember which one opens which door.

Painted Keys

7. Stop your Bra from Showing

Showing up your bra can be really frustrating. You can easily avoid such situations. Just sew in a bra strap clasp to your favorite shirt. This will help you to hide bra straps.

Bra Strap Clasp

8. Use Staple Remover to beat Key Rings

Key Rings are usually hard to handle. Especially, when you have to add or remove keys. You can even break your nail or can hurt your finger. However, by using a staple remover you can easily add and remove keys.

Staple Remover

9. Use Rubber Band to open a Nail Polish Bottle

Sometimes a nail polish bottle is hard to open. In such a situation, you can a rubber band around the nail polish bottle. It provides extra grip and you can them easily open the bottle.

Rubber Band

10. Use Baking Soda Sachets to get rid of Smelly Shoes

In summer, you have to deal with stinky shoes, when your feet are sweaty. You can use baking soda sachets to deal with smelly shoes. The best thing is – it is super cheap.

Baking Soda

11. Use Bungee Cords to organize your accessories

By using some pieces of wood and attaching bungee cords, you can easily store and organize your accessories. They are cheap, colorful and offer one of the best ways for improving organization.

Bungee Cords

12. Use Coat Hangers for arranging Stockings, Scarves, And More

Coat Hangers can be immensely useful for arranging scarves, and stockings. So, don’t forget to use them. They provide a simple and effective way for arranging stockings, scarves, and more.

Coat Hangers

13. Use a Caddy or PVC for arranging Hair Appliances

Most of the times, you find your hair tools everywhere. It’s a chaotic situation. Try using a Caddy or PVC for arranging hair appliances. You will create an easier life for yourself!

Caddy or PVC

14. Hate Tangled Necklaces – Use a Straw

I am sure you would have faced the menace of tangled necklaces. It’s really irritating. However, you can avoid such situations by putting your necklaces through a straw. It requires a little effort, but will make you more organized.

Straw - Life Hacks for Girls

15. Use Nail Polish to avoid Rings discoloring your fingers

At times it happens that rings discolor your fingers. It is very irritating and also looks bad. You can use clear nail polish on the inside of the rings to prevent them from discoloring your fingers. It’s pretty simple and effective.

Clear Nail Polish

16. Create fancy flip flops with ribbon and beads

It’s not necessary to buy costly sandals. You can have fancy flip flops at no extra cost. Yes, it’s possible. You can create fancy flip flops using ribbon and beads. It’s simple and looks awesome.

Ribbon and Beads

17. Use Popsicle sticks as motivation to work out

Have you ever thought of Popsicle sticks as motivation tools? Just check this out. Yes, Popsicle sticks can be great motivational tools to work out.

Popsicle Sticks

18. Tie a Ribbon around your feet to get a trendy look

If you want a simple yet trendy, try this out. Tie a ribbon around your feet and then slip on some flats. It will give you a simple yet trendy look.


19. Use Old Hangers to easily store sandals

It’s a good life hack to store sandals. You can use old hangers for easily storing sandals.

Life Hacks for Girls

20. Waterproof your shoes with beeswax

You can use beeswax to easily waterproof your shoes. Try it out. It’s a useful trick to protect your shoes from water.


21. Use glitter and glue for repairing sandals or shoes

Nobody wants clumsy looking shoes. If you want to give a new look to your shoes, then you should surely try this life hack. Use glitter and glue for repairing shoes.

Glitter and Glue

22. 12 Ways to tie a scarf

Scarf gives you a stunning look. Here are 12 easy ways for tying a scarf. Have a look.


23. Get a stylish hairdo with nail-polish-painted bobby pins

Give yourself a stylish hairdo by using nail-polish-painted bobby pins. A simple yet useful like hack for girls.

nail-polish-painted bobby pins

24. By using Pumice Stone you can get rid of little lint balls on coat

Lint balls can spoil the look of your coats. Use Pumice Stone to get rid of little lint balls on coat. It’s easy and effective.

Pumice Stone

25. Wrap your shoes in a shower cap

When you are packing your suitcase, you don’t want to spoil your clothes with scratches and dirt from your shoes. You can avoid such situations by wrapping your shoes in a shower cap.

Life Hacks for Girls

We hope that you would have enjoyed this presentation on life hacks for girls. Do share your comments with us.

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