20 Famous Logos with Hidden Messages

If I pick a company and ask you about it, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? It’s probably the company’s logo, isn’t it?

It’s not surprising that companies put so much attention on developing a logo. In fact, a Logo distinguishes and establishes one brand from the next. Logos have a high recall value and are much popular with people.

That’s why a logo is an important aspect of the overall marketing strategy of a company. Customized logos not only help to gain public recognition, but they also play a vital role in establishing a corporate identity and help in building a reputable brand.

If a logo is popular with people, you can be sure that the company has gained much appreciation with people and its products and services are a hit with a large number of customers.

Such is the value of a good logo for a company.

Here, we have compiled a list of 20 Famous Logos with Hidden Messages.

There are some famous logos which have a hidden message and to gain insight into them you require a little more observation. These famous logos have hidden meanings that only get uncovered when you give them a close and detailed look.

In fact, you may recognize the brand upon seeing the logo, but there are not many people who understand the hidden message buried in them.

That’s precisely the reason which prompted us to come up with a post which tells you about the hidden messages linked with these famous logos.

We are pretty sure that you would be much excited to know the hidden messages behind these famous logos. It may happen that some of these logos have your favorite brands. It’s much fun and excitement to know more about the logos of your favorite brands.

So, have a look at the 20 Famous Logos with hidden messages. They go on to prove that things are not always what they appear at first glance.

20 World’s Famous Logos

1. FedEx

The shipping company’s logo is one of the best in “hidden image” logos. Take a close look between the “E” and the “x” and you will notice an arrow in the negative space. The arrow denotes forward direction, speed, and precision.
Famous Logos

2. LG

If you take a close look at the dark pink logo of LG Electronics, you will notice the face’s “nose” is an “L, ” and the outline of the “face” is a “G.”
Famous Logos

3. Pinterest

The world’s famous digital pinboard site has tied its logo directly into the social network’s core. If you have a close look at the logo, you will see that the letter “P” doubles as a pin.
Famous Logos

4. Formula One/F1

Formula One racing has applied the sport’s core values in its logo design. The red color signifies energy and passion, while the black color represents power and determination. Also, the space between the two focal points is the number 1.
Famous Logos

5. Toyota

The Toyota logo carries much meaning to it. Its three overlapping ovals represent the unification of the hearts of the customers and the heart of Toyota products. A close look at the overlapping ovals reveals the word “Toyota” spelled out. Plus, the background space represents its technological advancement.
Famous Logos


A close look at the VAIO logo reveals that its first two letters are an analog symbol, while its last two letters are binary.
Famous Logos with Hidden Messages

7. Mitsubishi

The Mitsubishi logo combines the three-leaf crest of the Tosa Clan and three-diamond crest of the Iwasaki family. The three diamonds stand for reliability, success, and integrity.
Famous Logos with Hidden Messages

8. Amazon

The Amazon logo reveals an arrow which points from the “a” to the “z.” It represents the fact that Amazon provides a variety of items for sale, literally from A to Z.
Famous Logos

9. McDonald’s

The McDonald’s logo shows the letter M. It’s “M” stands for McDonald’s and is believed to symbolize a pair of nourishing breasts.
Famous Logos with Hidden Messages

10. Google

The Google logo symbolizes that they don’t play by the rules. The logo is not bulky and uses simple letters and colors.
Famous Logos

11. Pepsi

In 2008, Pepsi came up with a new logo. It is believed that the new logo is some Da Vinci Code. Plus, the Pepsi logo is inspired by Feng Shui, the universe, and the theory of relativity.
Famous Logos

12. Audi

The four hopes of the Audi logo represent the four founding companies of the Auto-Union Consortium such as Audi, DKW, Wanderer, and Horch.
Famous Logos

13. IBM

The Big Blue logo of IBM represents equality.
Famous Logos

14. Goodwill

The “G” in Goodwill’s logo represents a smiling face.
Famous Logos

15. Unilever

Unilever’s logo has symbols for literally everything they make.
Famous Logos

16. BMW

The BMW logo represents a blue sky and a propeller spinning.
Famous Logos

17. Sun Microsystems

The diamond-shaped logo of Sun Microsystems says Sun in each direction.
Famous Logos

18. Coca-Cola

The hidden meaning in the Coca-Cola logo is a strange one. If you closely notice the “o” in Coca-Cola logo, it’s actually the Denmark flag.
Famous Logos

19. Adidas

The three stripes in the Adidas logo represent a mountain and signify that people need to overcome obstacles to succeed in life.
Famous Logos

20. NBC

The NBC logo shows a peacock. It’s a colorful logo and was designed when the company began to manufacture color televisions. It shows the company’s stance to tell people to adapt to the new technology.
Famous Logos

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