10 Most Famous Serial Killers of the World

The 21st Century has seen humanity taking new heights in the field of computers and technology. However, there are dark spots that humanity would wish to forget and one of those dark spots is “Serial Killers”.

For the ones who do not know who is a “Serial Killer,” I would like to clarify that such a person carries out serial murders. Actually, a serial killer is a name given to such persons who murders three or more people, on a regular interval or two-three events over a period of time. The primary motive behind these murders is psychological reasons.

The world has known endless list of serial killers who have committed inhumane crimes. However, there are some who have stolen the spotlight for their hideous act of serial killing. This post tries to figure out 10 Most Famous Serial Killers of the World. It is a well-researched post and has listed down the Serial Killers who have stolen the spotlight in hideous crimes.

So, if you have a repulsion or fascination with the lives and acts of serial killers, this post of 10 Most Famous Serial Killers of the World will surely attract your attention.

10 Most Dangerous Serial Killers

1. Donald Henry Gaskins

Gaskins find a mention in this list as he is a top most serial killer of the 20th Century. He killed 80 to 90 people by torturing and mutilating them. It all started in 1969 when he picked up hitchhikers on the coastal highways of the American South. He was sentenced to live imprisonment without any parole. He is the only man who has ever killed an inmate on death row.
Serial Killers

2. Tsutomu Miyazaki

Miyazaki earned various names due to his hideous acts. He was one of the most brutal serial killers. He was known as Human Dracula, The Otaku Murderer, The Little Girl Murderer, or Dracula Miyazaki. Miyazaki abducted little girls, killed them, and carried out sexual activities with their corpses. On one of the occasions, he drank victim’s blood and ate her hand as well. He used to preserve body parts as trophies and sent postcards to families describing the murder. Miyazaki was hanged in 2008 at an age of 45.
Serial Killers

3. Ted Bundy

Ted Bundy “the very definition of heartless evil” was an American serial killer, kidnapper, and rapist. He used to operate in various states of USA and confessed to killing as much as 30 women. Ted used to indulge in sexual acts with the corpses. It is reported that Ted decapitated at least 12 victims and kept their heads as trophies in his apartment. Ted died in 1989 at the age of 42.
Serial Killers

4. Andrei Chikatilo

Ukrainian by birth Andrei Chikatilo is known to have committed his first murder in the year 1978 of a 9-year-old girl Lena Zakotnova. He was called as “The Red Ripper”, “Butcher of Rostov” and “The Rostov Ripper”. His main victims used to be young girls and boys. He used to rape, kill, mutilate their bodies. He also used to eat body parts of his victims. Chikatilo was arrested in 1980 and confessed to 56 killings. He was executed by firing a bullet at his head.
Serial Killers

5. Dr. Harold Shipman

Known as “Dr. Death”, Dr. Harold Shipman is a blot on England’s medical history. He used to murder his patients who were mostly elderly women. However, what is common in most of the other serial killers, there was no sign of violence, sexual abuse, or known reason for these murders. He was found guilty of more than 200 deaths and was arrested on 7th September 1998. Finally, he was sentenced to 15 life imprisonments.
Serial Killers

6. Javed Iqbal

Javed Iqbal was a yet another famous serial killer who belonged to Pakistan. It is believed that he had murdered more than a hundred boys. He strangled and dismembered the bodies of his victims. He used to dunk the dismembered pieces in hydrochloric acid to dissolve them. He would then dump the remains into public sewers. He used to keep the clothes and shoes of his victims as personal mementos. He is reported to have uttered, “I am Javed Iqbal, killer of 100 children.”
Serial Killers

7. Dennis Nilsen

Dennis Nilsen was a serial killer who belonged to Scotland. It has been reported that he killed more than 15 men and boys. He used to preserve the bodies of his victims and slept with them on his bed. He drained the decaying bodies of his victims. In 1983, Dennis Nilsen was given life imprisonment for all the killings.
Serial Killers

8. Richard Chase

He was known as the Vampire of Sacramento. He was a famous serial killer who belonged to the United States. The primary reason for all his killings was that Nazis attempted to turn his blood into powder by using powder. To save himself, he started killing people and drinking their blood. In one month alone, he killed as much as six people including one 22 months kid. He used to indulge in sex with dead bodies and bathe with their blood. He was eventually caught and sentenced to death in Gas Chambers.
Serial Killers

9. John George Haigh

Also known as the “Acid Bath Murderer”, John George Haigh was a famous serial killer of the 1940s. He claimed to have killed as much as 9 people. He was a professional conman who used to lure wealthy people into a warehouse where he shot them. Later he used to dissolve their bodies with sulphuric acid and forge papers to sell their possessions and collect their life savings. He was finally hanged in 1949.
Serial Killers

10. Jack, the Ripper

Jack the Ripper is one of the most famous names in the history of Serial Killing. This case remains unsolved due to lack of technology. The killer allegedly killed 5 prostitutes near the Whitechapel, England. There are many theories about this Serial Killer. However none of them is proven true and thus, it still remains one big mystery.
Serial Killers

No one will like to face any Serial Killers, and I hope you will be careful after reading about these Serial Killers.

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