20 Most Mysterious Mythical Creatures

The fascination for mythical creatures remains even to this day.

They are truly mysterious in every sense.

In fact, there are a lot of mythical creatures.

Some are thought to be extinct, where there are others believed to exist at present.

However, you cannot underestimate the widespread curiosity about mythical creatures.

There are a large number of people who are ever so curious to know more about these mysterious mythical creatures.

If you are among those who want to know more about mythical creatures then here is a post just for you.

Herein, we showcase a compilation of 20 Most Mysterious Mythical Creatures that have continued to fascinate people down the ages.

However, we must admit that compiling the list of mythical creatures has been quite a tough experience for us simply because there are so many of them.

Nonetheless, we took up the challenge and are happy to state that we successfully compiled the list to give you a glimpse of mysterious mythical creatures.

Here, we have listed some of the strangest, terrifying, and most bizarre mythical creatures, including glorified animals and mythical humanoid creatures, and more.

You will notice that a lot of mythical creatures belong to ancient Greek and Roman origin. In fact, Greece happens to be the place where all legendary creatures were born.

So, it is apt to list down mythical creatures from Greek mythology.

Mythical creatures go on to exhibit the ingrained desire in human nature to experience beyond the physical world.

These mythic creatures continue to thrill, entertain, terrify, and inspire us.

They have found a place in our stories, songs, and works of art. While their origin is often disputed, the mythical creatures have managed to stimulate the imagination of every human from centuries up to this present era.

Here, we will list some of the most powerful and popular mythical creatures that fascinate us in every little way imaginable.

So, let’s witness the list of 20 Most Mysterious Mythical Creatures.

We are sure that you will love this presentation.

20 Mysterious Mythical Creatures



Dragons are regarded as one of the most popular mythical creatures. They are invariably found in most folklores and enchanted stories. Dragons are pictured as giant, flying, fire-breathing lizards that are believed to guard treasures.

Dragons are depicted as massive creatures with wings or without. They can fly in the sky and breathe fire. They are regarded as both foes and allies. The Komodo dragon is one of the favorite mythical creatures and has been included in books and movies, both in the past and now at present.

Dragons Mysterious Mythical Creatures


You might well be acquainted with The Unicorn.

In fact, the Unicorn is one of the most popular and mysterious mythical creatures.

It is depicted as a legendary horse with wings and a large, pointed, and spiraling horn at its forehead.

The Unicorn is often considered as a symbol of grace and purity.

It is completely wild and has the ability to fly. It is believed that a Unicorn can only be captured by a virgin. Its horn is considered very valuable and has the capacity to turn poisoned water potable and can heal many sicknesses.

Unicorn Mysterious Mythical Creatures


Amazons are pictured as female warriors who live in the deep heart of the forest without the presence of men. Typically, they are believed to be man-haters but would capture a few to continue their lineage.

Amazons are often portrayed as trained archers who can climb and move from trees to trees. They are also very skilled in the art of fighting. However, nothing concretely is mentioned about their extinction in history books and stories.

Amazons Mysterious Mythical Creatures

Dire Wolf

These massive wolves are not fictional characters.

However, the dire wolf is already extinct.

They were native to North America and larger than the typical wolf. Dire wolves were descendants of the genus Canis, the “fearsome dog” that are as big as and heavier than the gray wolf. Dire wolves were carnivores in nature and had smaller brain compared to gray wolves. The Dire wolf became extinct during the Pleistocene epoch.

Dire Wolf Mythical Creatures

The Legendary Kraken

The Kraken is a legendary creature drawn from the Scandinavian mythology. It’s a huge sea creature, often one mile long, that its body can be easily mistaken for an island.

Its first reference comes in the 13th-century Icelandic saga, Örvar-Oddr, involving two sea monsters, the Hafgufa and the Lyngbakr. The Hafgufa is taken as a reference to the Kraken.

However, the Kraken also finds mention in scientific texts, including the first edition of Systema Naturae (1735), written by Carolus Linnaeus, a Swedish zoologist, botanist, and physician.

In fact, historians believe that accounts of the Kraken originated from the sightings of the giant squid that can reach up to 18 meters in length.

Kraken Mythical Creatures

The Mythological Kappa

The Kappa is a Japanese mythical creature.

It is primarily a water demon inhabiting rivers and lakes and devouring disobedient little children.

The word Kappa means ‘river child.’

It is usually pictured having the body of a tortoise, a beak, and the limbs of a Frog. It also has a hollow filled with water on top of his head.

While the Kappa is primarily a water creature, they occasionally venture onto land. There is much folklore in Japan which advocates the existence of the Kappa. Many people in Japan believe Kappa to be true.

However, there some people who believe that the legend of Kappa is connected with the sightings of the Giant Japanese Salamander or ‘Hanzaki.’

Kappa Mysterious Mythical Creatures


Werewolves are a shapeshifter that takes the form of half man and half wolf. It is believed that those who acquired the form of Werewolves were possessed by the animal spirits of the wolf when there was a need for protecting their village.

However, it so happened, that one chieftain avenged his tribe from another chief who make use of wolf power to terrorize people in his land. He used to host the wolf spirit for a great length of time such that a man and wolf spirit living in a single body.

Werewolves Mysterious Mythical Creatures


Berserkers are regarded as savaged warriors that have no humanity at all. They are often known as killing machines that exhibit no mercy.

Some account this saying that Berserkers have already lost their souls. However, in Norse mythology, Berserkers are portrayed as bodyguards to royal and noble courts.

They are often depicted as bare-chested warriors. However, some pictures those wearing wolf or bear skins. They are usually portrayed as villains who completely destroyed villages they captured.

In history, Berserkers were guards to the Norwegian King Haralad I Fairhair during 872-930.

Berserkers Mysterious Mythical Creatures


Fairies are said to be protectors of the power of nature. They are usually portrayed as a type of mythical creature in European folklore.

They are often described as metaphysical, supernatural, or preternatural. Fairies are generally human in appearance and possess magical powers.

They vary in size ranging from very tiny up to the size of a human child. Fairies are often depicted with wings and possess the magical power of flying to places.

Some depictions portray fairies wearing some type of footwear while others show fairies as barefoot.

Fairies Mysterious Mythical Creatures


Fairies are said to be protectors of the power of nature. They are usually portrayed as a type of mythical creature in European folklore.

They are often described as metaphysical, supernatural, or preternatural. Fairies are generally human in appearance and possess magical powers.

They vary in size ranging from very tiny up to the size of a human child. Fairies are often depicted with wings and possess the magical power of flying to places.

Some depictions portray fairies wearing some type of footwear while others show fairies as barefoot.

Dracula Mysterious Mythical Creatures

The Majestic Griffin

The majestic Griffin is a Greek mythical creature having the head and wings of an eagle, and the body, tail, and hind legs of a lion.

The Greeks regarded eagle to be the “King of the birds” and the lion as the “King of the beasts,” so Griffin was perceived to be a powerful and majestic creature.

Griffin was hailed as a protector from witchcraft, slander, and evil. Apart from depictions in Ancient Greece, there are also evidence of Griffin representations in ancient Persia and ancient Egypt which date back to the 4th millennium BC.

Moreover, archeologists have discovered Griffin’s depictions on the Crete Island of Greece dating 15th century BC.

Griffin Mysterious Mythical Creatures

The Naga

The Naga is an aquatic, serpentine mythical creature residing in oceans, rivers, lakes, or waterfalls. Nagas have black scales and can reach hundreds of feet in length.

Typically, Nagas are considered as incarnations of water deities and are believed to bring rain and clouds. They are also believed to be guardians of temples and other holy places.

The Nagas have been honored with various titles such as the “Maharaja Sarpa,” “Naga who is God.” Nagas are believed to possess heavenly powers and can take humanoid form at will.

Naga Mythical Creatures

The Menehune of Hawaii

The Menehune are described in the Hawaiian mythology as being an ancient race of people that were small in stature who used to live in Hawaii before settlers came from Polynesia.

In fact, there are many scholars who attribute the ancient structures on the Hawaiian Islands to the Menehune. However, there are some scholars who are of the opinion that the Menehune race does not exist.

That said the mythology of Menehune dates back to the beginning of Polynesian history. The Menehune were excellent craftspeople. They built dams, roads, fish-ponds, and even temples.

When the first Polynesians arrived in Hawaii, they found these structures built by the Menehune. Legend has it that each Menehune had a mastery over a certain craft. Numerous evidences both archeological and legends suggest that an ancient, highly skilled race inhabited the Hawaiian Islands before the first Polynesians arrived.

Menehune Mythical Creatures


Although Goblins are mentioned in various mythologies from around the world, they are primarily centered in European folklore.

The first reference to goblins are found in western France in the 1100’s as “Gobelin” and then as the Latin “Gobelinus.” They are also prominently described in English and German myths.

Typically, goblins are described as having small stature, ugly, and wrinkled. Generally, they are considered “bad” and extremely “selfish.”

They are fond of gold, and silver, and love to possess any type of jewel. Moreover, they can steal the valuables of others and will defend their treasures to the death.

They were clever in getting what they want. They can lie, cheat, and steal when they are up to mischief. Goblins usually move in packs called as “hordes.” They rely on “strength in numbers” than battle one-on-one to overcome their opponents.

The goblin tribe designates a leader known as “Goblin King.” However, it seems that goblins are a staple of fantasy fiction.

Goblins Mysterious Mythical Creatures


Mermaids are essentially described as sea creatures having the head and torso of a woman and the tail of a fish.

They are usually portrayed as being kind and benevolent to humans keeping their own kind in the deep waters of the ocean.

The earliest known legends about mermaids date back to thousands of years ago. One such legend is taken from Syria around 1000 BC where Atargatis, the Syrian Goddess dove into a lake and acquired the form of a fish.

Her bottom half became a fish while the top half remained in human form.

Mermaids Mysterious Mythical Creatures


Scylla has been described in Greek mythology as the sea monster that guarded the straight of Messina between Italy and Sicily.

Scylla possessed six ferocious heads, each having three rows of sharp teeth, and sitting on six very long necks. The body was made of several growling dogs and tentacles.

Scylla used to grab the passing ships and crush the sailors against the rocks before devouring them. However, Scylla was not always a monster though.

There are stories in Greek mythology which describe Scylla as being a beautiful sea nymph. In fact, the sea god, Glaucus fell in love with Scylla.

It was actually witch Circe who was jealous of this love and cursed the sea nymph into becoming a sea monster.

Scylla Mythical Creatures


The Greek mythology has mentioned about Sirens who are depicted as man-eating beautiful women whose song would compel men to them.

In Greek mythology, Sirens are shown to be deadly. In fact, with the Sirens, the dangers of falling for beautiful women have taken a physical personification.

The Sirens were mythical creatures who looked like beautiful women but in reality were man-eating beasts. They sat on the shore and would sing seductive songs in voices that were so compelling that it mesmerized anyone hearing them out.

The men became obsessed with their song and reached the shore. Finally, the Sirens would eat them.

Sirens Mysterious Mythical Creatures


The Thunderbird myth has its roots in the Native American mythology wherein it has been portrayed as a giant bird creating storms with its wings.

Legends say that the bird caused thunderclaps when it flapped its gigantic wings. It could also cause rainfall or shoot up lightning from its eyes.

This mythical creature was very powerful and intelligent. It possessed the power to cause storms at will.

There are several depictions of the Thunderbird found on many totem poles in Native American cultures. However, its origin is largely unknown.

Thunderbird Mysterious Mythical Creatures


You know gods, and you know monsters too.

However, you rarely know gods that are also monsters.

In Greek mythology, Typhon is depicted as most powerful, dangerous, and downright deadly God/monster.

Typhon is often called as Typho, Typhos, Typhaon, and Typhoeus.

In fact, Typhon has been described as the most powerful and horrifying monster in Greek mythology.

Typhon is portrayed as a huge giant being so tall that his head touched the stars. He had the torso of a man, and each leg was an enormous viper coil that hissed as he moved.

He had the main head that hosted a hundred snakeheads. He screamed sounds of various animals. He had glowing red eyes and a “savage jaw” that breathed fire. Typhon possessed hundreds of wings all over his body. His hands were made of 100 deadly serpents.

Typhon was not just a monster but also a God in Greek mythology. He was the last child of Tartarus and Gaia, who were considered Gods in Greek mythology.

Typhon Mysterious Mythical Creatures


In Greek mythology, Centaur is depicted as half-horse / half-human creature. They were basically frat boys with horse bodies.

Centaurs had the body of the horse up to the neck, then the torso, head, and arms, of a human being. Generally, they were wild and rude, loud and unruly.

They loved to run around the countryside being drunk and profane. However, there is mention of Chiron, who was much opposite when compared to other centaurs.

He was kind, well-spoken, and skilled in art and music. Later legends depict centaurs as being more focused hunters, who were not quite as wild, but just as dangerous.

Centaur Mythical Creatures

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