24 Most Mysterious Pictures That Cannot be Explained

Although most photographs and pictures can be very pleasing to your eyes, some photos are mysterious, daunting and even mind-boggling.

Today, we showcase a compilation of the World’s Most Mysterious Pictures Ever Taken.

These are the most mysterious pictures that you would have ever seen.

In fact, these are the mysterious photos that cannot be explained.

These are creepy pictures, scariest pictures, and unexplained pictures.

When you first glance at these pictures, you would be confused.

You would require an explanation, but they are none.

That’s why they have been termed as mystery pictures.

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Our world is a crazy place to be. Every other day we learn about so many unexplainable phenomena, conspiracies, and mysterious pictures/videos that our mind gets boggled time and again.

Now, it’s time when you experience the mystery yourself.

Listed below are some utterly mysterious photos that we cannot seem to understand or explain even today.

These pictures are not a result of any photo editing program.

They have survived decades and never have been fully explained.

Mysterious Pictures are the scariest photos in history.

They are about creepy things, ghost pictures, disturbing death photos, and much more.

If you are the one who likes creepy mysteries, you will certainly enjoy these 24 Most Mysterious Pictures.

Let’s get going.

24 Most Mysterious Pictures


1. The odd & Mysterious Man at the South Forks Bridge in Canada (1941)

This photo was shot in 1941 during the reopening of the South Forks Bridge in Canada. On first look, the picture looks similar to any other picture from that period.

However, the picture has a mysterious element to it.

If you take a closer look, something isn’t quite right.

Spot the man dressed in modern outfit among the hats and suit jackets of the 1940s. He can be seen with an advanced camera, wearing odd glasses and sporting a logo.

All this doesn’t go with the period.

Mysterious man Most Mysterious Pictures

2. The Bizarre Photo of a Giant Snake-Like Creature

French photographer Robert Serrec shotted this photograph in 1964. He captured a quick picture of what resembles a giant snake-like creature that was resting on the seafloor.

This picture was shot on the coast of Queensland, Australia. Some assume that the picture is of a giant tarp. However, no credible explanation can be given for this bizarre photo having a snake-like creature.

Giant Snake Most Mysterious Pictures

3. The ‘Skunk Ape’ in the Backyard

In 2000, an anonymous woman took two photographs of a ‘Skunk Ape.’ She claimed to have photographed an ape in her backyard.

She mailed the photographs to the Sarasota County, Florida, Sheriff’s Department. The photographs had a letter from the woman.

It claimed that she had photographed an ape in her backyard. However, people believe that it’s a black bear, but it doesn’t resemble like one. Quite mysterious indeed!

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Skunk Ape Most Mysterious Pictures

4. The Mysterious Mummified Finger – 15 Inches Long

This one comes from a man named Gregor Sporri in 1985.

In fact, almost all human civilizations have legends of giants. You must have heard stories of men that stand many feet taller than the average and have titanic strength.

However, no fossil evidence is there to prove it.

That said the disturbing photographs taken by Gregor Sporri in 1985 surely prove the existence of giant men.

On a trip to Egypt, Sporri encountered an old grave robber who had a mummified finger that measured as much as 15 inches in length. That should come from a man at least 12 feet tall.

Nobody could ever debunk or explain the pictures he took.

Mummified Finger Most Mysterious Pictures

5. The Gridded Burn Pattern Across Michalak’s Chest

It happened on 20th May 1967 when Stefan Michalak was in the woods near Falcon Lake, Manitoba, Canada. He saw two cigar-shaped UFOs land close to his house.

The door of one of the crafts opened. Michalak heard voices. He approached the door of the craft. He couldn’t make out anything inside.

Michalak just saw what he described to be a “maze of lights.” Shortly, the aircraft’s door closed. The object began to rise. It expelled a flame of hot air at Michalak.

It caused his shirt to erupt in flames. When he was hospitalized, the doctors saw a gridded burn pattern all across his chest. It is visible in this photo.

Burn Pattern Most Mysterious Pictures

6. A Strange Spaceman Behind The Girl

Jim Templeton shotted this photograph while he was out with his daughter for the day. Jim admitted that there was no one else around when the photograph was taken.

There was nothing strange in the marsh area where he shot the photograph.

However, when the film got developed, he noticed a spaceman standing right behind his daughter. Even Kodak backed his claim saying that the film was not altered in any way.

Spaceman Most Mysterious Pictures

7. The Most Famous Paranormal Photograph Of All Time

Thus far there have been no natural explanations of this chilling shot snapped by the Reverend K.F. Lord in 1963. This shot was taken in the interior of North Yorkshire’s Newby Church.

Although most ghost pictures can be easily explained and are a result of double exposures or other trickery, this one has a different story altogether.

As you can spot, there is a spectral figure wearing a cowl and standing by the altar. Multiple experts examined it, but no explanations could be given.

Lord swears that there were no people in the church when he took the shot.

This photograph is regarded as the most famous paranormal photograph of all time.

Paranormal Photograph Most Mysterious Pictures

8. The Unexplained UFO

This picture is regarded as one of the most famous unexplained images of all time. Although the focus of the photograph is on Mary, you can also see a creepy object hovering above her left shoulder.

The object seems to be some sort of UFO that hovers above the cliffs. There’s also a man and his dog that are looking up at the saucer.

UFO Most Mysterious Pictures

9. The Dead Freddy Jackson Appears in the Photo

This photograph was shot on the day of the funeral of Freddy Jackson.

However, Freddy seemed to appear in this photo.

Freddy died in an accident by an airplane propeller while working as a mechanic.

Two days later, his squadron took this group photo.

When the photo was finally developed, Freddy seemed to appear in the photo. The entire crew admitted that this was Jackson.

This picture of Sir Victor Goddard’s Squadron might have looked nothing out of the ordinary have we not zoomed in too closely.

The squadron served in World War I, and as you can see, in the zoomed in version of one member there is the face of Freddy Jackson, an air mechanic, an ex-member of this same squadron.

An intriguing detail—Jackson was already dead by then, and this picture was taken on the day of his funeral.

Freddy Jackson Most Mysterious Pictures

10. The Most Famous Religious Apparition of All Time

This one is regarded as one of the most famous religious apparitions of all time. The Lady of Zeitoun was observed for a staggering two-year period from 1968.

A Muslim bus mechanic first spotted it.

However, the glowing form of the Virgin Mary was mistaken as a woman who was about to jump from the Church St. Mary’s roof.

The investigation was taken up by the police.

However, they found nobody on the roof.

The glowing ghost of Jesus’s mother continued to appear multiple times a week.

It was photographed many times.

No real explanation for the cause of the phenomenon could be given.

Religious Apparition Most Mysterious Pictures

11. The Babushka Lady

The picture shows a woman in the brown coat.

She was referred to as the Babushka Lady by the FBI.

She was close to John F Kennedy when he was assassinated in Dallas.

The eyewitnesses say that the lady filmed the entire thing.

She could have answered some critical questions related to the assassination of JFK.

However, the FBI was not able to track her down.

She remained as a mystery observer.

President John F Kennedy’s assassination has a plethora of mysteries attached to it, one of which is the Babushka Lady.

This name was given to a woman who was present at the crime scene while the president got shot and she could be seen recording a video repeatedly using a video recorder.

However, despite relentless efforts from the police and FBI, the woman remains unidentified till today.

Babushka Lady Most Mysterious Pictures

12. A Bizarre Ghostly Figure

It was 1975 when Diane and Peter Berthelot visited the Worstead Church in Norfolk, UK. At the church, Peter took a photograph of his wife sitting and praying on one of the church benches.

When the film got developed, they saw a bizarre ghostly figure sitting behind Diane. They went back to the church and inquired the local vicar who told them it was the ghost of the White lady who haunted the church.

Ghostly Figure Most Mysterious Pictures

13. The Naga Lights over the Mekong River in Vietnam

Although most atmospheric phenomena can be attributed to swamp gas or other natural causes this one in Vietnam has still not got any worthy explanations.

It’s the Naga Lights over the Mekong River in Vietnam.

This photo has baffled scientists for decades.

It shows red-hot fireballs that jet out of the water.

They ascend hundreds of feet high into the air before disappearing.

The bizarre thing about these red-hot fireballs is that they rise so high. Typically such phenomena are fixed at ground level.

Many local superstitions surround them.

However, there is no crystal-clear explanation as to what causes them.

Naga Lights Most Mysterious Pictures

14. Pyramid on the Moon

This photo was shot by Apollo 17 near the Geophone Rock during its last flight to the moon.

The photo suffers from extreme light exposure and noise issues.

It was listed as “blank” in the Apollo 17 photographic index.

However, the fact is that it isn’t completely blank.

When you adjust the contrast, you can see pyramid-like structures.

Pyramid on the Moon Most Mysterious Pictures

15. The Black Knight Satellite

There is a dark object that has been orbiting the Earth for the last 13000 years. It’s called the “Black Knight Satellite.”

No one has any clue about how it got there. This photo was shot during an American Space Shuttle Mission to the International Space Station in 1998.

Most Mysterious Pictures

16. Dean Corll – The Serial Killer

Dean Corll aka the ‘Candy Man’ was a serial killer who abducted, tortured, and killed 28 young boys between 1970 and 1973.

However, 40 years later in 2012, a mysterious photo of a terrified handcuffed boy was recovered from Corll’s accomplice possession.

The photograph was a scary one. It was even more horrifying when it was found out that the boy was not one of the original 28.

Dean Corll Most Mysterious Pictures

17. The Martian Spherules

In 2004, the Mars Exploration Rover Opportunity detected peculiar blueberry shaped microscopic formations in the Martian soil. It even took photographed bigger spherules in large numbers.

It was noted that they were made of hematite that suggested the presence of water. However, the scientists are still baffled by what these things might be.

Martian Spherules Most Mysterious Pictures

18. St Augustine Lighthouse

This picture remains unexplained till date.

It reportedly shows a ghost standing at the top of the lighthouse.

It has been seen on a number of occasions.

Augustine Lighthouse Most Mysterious Pictures

19. The Unsolved Hinterkaifeck Murders

The murder of six people that happened at the Hinterkaifeck farmstead in Germany during 1922 shocked the world not only because the crime was gruesome but because the case was weird and remains unsolved even today.

Rumor has it that the place was haunted while some believe that the murderers stayed at the farm and performed day-to-day chores. However, neither were the murderers ever found nor was any motive established despite the fact that more than 100 people were interviewed. The photo uploaded below, however, is authentic and depicts one of the victims.

Hinterkaifeck Murders Most Mysterious Pictures

20. The Phoenix Lights

On Thursday, March 13th, 1997, thousands of people observed a series of lights presumably unidentified flying objects over the skies of Arizona, Nevada, US and Sonora, Mexico.

The two areas depicted different sights, first one was a triangular formation of lights and second, series of immobile lights seen over the Phoenix region.

Phoenix Lights Most Mysterious Pictures

21. Baltic Sea Mysterious Object Picture

In a mysterious turn of events, a UFO type 60foot disc was identified and pictured. It was present at the bottom of the Baltic Sea was the picture shown below was taken through Sonar in 2012 by a Swedish exploration team.

As per different theories about its origin and purpose, it could be any of these, a UFO, millennium falcon from Star Wars franchise, Nazi anti-submarine device, gateway to the underworld.. or none of these.

Baltic Sea Most Mysterious Pictures

22. The Hessdalen Lights

Residents of Hessdalen valley, Norway, are accustomed to witnessing strange and unexplainable series of lights, which are aptly named as the Hessdalen Lights.

A group comprising of teachers, scientists, researchers and students established a science camp specifically to study these lights.

During the research, a team member Bjorn G. Hauge took this picture when the sky was clearer.

The occurrence could not be explained, but researchers believe that the objects emitting lights are made up to scandium, titanium, iron, and silicium.

Hessdalen Lights Most Mysterious Pictures

23. Cooper Family’s Mystery Guest

As per the legend, Cooper family (visible in the picture below) moved into their new house and decided to take this family photo.

After getting the developed picture, they saw a visibly creepy looking body hanging in the air upside down or probably falling from the ceiling.

Cooper Family Most Mysterious Pictures

24. Elisa Lam’s Death and Mysterious Video

In January 2013, a 21-year old student Elisa Lam, who was staying at Hotel Cecil in Los Angeles, went missing and her body was found two weeks later by the maintenance in the hotel’s water tank.

It was deemed as an accidental death until the CCTV footage surfaced showing some bizarre occurrences like elevator door not working.

Despite repeated efforts from Lam, the deceased student cornering herself as if letting someone pass, but no one is in the picture, then the elevator door returning to its normal operation as soon as Lam gets out.

Moreover, the roof was barricaded, and it wasn’t possible to get up there at the tank, and someone updated Lam’s blog six months later.

Elisa Lam Most Mysterious Pictures

Have you seen such Mysterious Pictures? What you say about these some of the most Mysterious Pictures. Please do share your comment and don’t forget to share these Mysterious Pictures on social sites.

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