21 Most Amazing International Borders

International Borders provide one of the best and most spectacular scenery. They show us how neighboring countries pitch against each other. The hostile nations guard their national boundaries with their military might while the friendly nations the borders seem almost non-existent.

So, the International Borders speak much about countries relationships. There are Borders which are delineated by natural markers such as rivers, mountains, forests, etc. There are also borders which are delineated by man-made markers such as guard posts and demilitarized zones.

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Here is the post dedicated to Most Amazing International Borders. You get to see here some of the coolest pictures of International Borders. It is a well-researched post and lists down really amazing International Borders of the World which you will surely love to see over and over again.

So, now let us see the coolest pictures of Most Amazing International Borders of the World.

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21 Amazing International Borders

1. Netherlands and Belgium

This International Border between Netherlands and Belgium runs through the city of Baarle. It splits the town into two different municipalities. The one that lies in Belgium is known as Baarle-Hertog and the one that lies in Netherlands is recognized as Baarle-Nassau.
Amazing International Borders

2. China and Nepal

The International border between China and Nepal runs through the summit of Mount Everest, which is the highest point on our planet Earth. This border is truly the most amazing one.
Amazing International Borders

3. Norway and Sweden

The tree-line cut marks the border between Norway and Sweden. The landscape is nearly identical between these countries. Snowmobilers use the pathway regularly. Above all, this International Border is really a breath-taking one!
Amazing International Borders

4. Vatican City – Italy

It is one of the most beautiful and stunning International Border that separates Vatican City and Italy. It is marked by the entry to St. Peter’s Square.
Amazing International Borders

5. North Korea – South Korea

The International Border between North Korea and South Korea is one of the most guarded borders in the whole world. The included picture shows how exactly the border between these two countries looks like.
Amazing International Borders

6. The United States – Canada

The International Border between the United States and Canada is regarded as the longest International Border in the entire world. Just have a look at it!
Amazing International Borders

7. The United States and Mexico

The scenery on either side of the International Border between the United States and Mexico is really an astonishing one. While the American side near the border is less inhibited, the Mexican side is full of buildings, traffic, and bustling life.
Amazing International Borders

8. Slovakia – Austria – Hungary

Slovakia, Austria and Hungary share a three-way border which is one of the most beautiful International Borders in the entire world. Its world famous triangular table gives you an opportunity to have breakfast in three different countries at one time. So cool!
Amazing International Borders

9. Germany and Poland

The International Border between Germany and Poland is yet another beautiful one. The pathway on the Beach of Usedom separates the two countries.
Amazing International Borders

10. Afghanistan – Pakistan

The International Border between these two Asian Countries of Afghanistan and Pakistan is marked by Torkhan Gate, which divides these countries.
Amazing International Borders

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11. Spain and Morocco

The International Borders separating Spain and Morocco are marked by high fences. This has been done to discourage illegal immigration from one country to another.
Amazing International Borders

12. Haiti – Dominican Republic

The International Border between Haiti and Dominican Republic is one of the most stunning ones. It is characterized by limited deforestation in Haiti.
Amazing International Borders

13. Panama and Costa Rica

The International Border between Panama and Costa Rica has been marked naturally by Sixaola River, which separates the two countries.
Amazing International Borders

14. Argentina/Paraguay/Brazil

The South American countries of Argentina, Paraguay and Brazil, share a natural border which is called ‘The Triple Frontier.’ The natural border has been marked by Parana River, which splits the three countries.
Amazing International Borders

15. Argentina and Chile

The International Border between these two South American Countries of Argentina and Chile is marked by the tall statue of Jesus Christ.
Amazing International Borders

16. Poland and Ukraine

The International Border between Poland and Ukraine is one of the most beautiful and peaceful borders of the world. The two fish design on the border of these two countries symbolizes the unity that exists between the nations. ‘The Land Art Festival’ is also held at this border every year.
Amazing International Borders

17. Finland – Sweden – Norway

The prime highlight of the International Border between these countries is that it is one of the most peaceful borders of the world. This is simply amazing!
Amazing International Borders

18. Venezuela – Brazil – Guyana

The magnificent Mt. Roraima symbolizes the triple border that separates the countries of Venezuela, Brazil, and Guyana.
Amazing International Borders

19. Argentina and Brazil

The International Border between Argentina and Brazil is an example of yet another beautiful and amazing natural border. The Iguaza Falls marks the border between these two South American countries.
Amazing International Borders

20. Namibia – Botswana – Zambia – Zimbabwe

This is the world’s only quadripoint and is the only border that has boundaries between four countries of Namibia, Botswana, Zambia and Zimbabwe. A really amazing one indeed!
Amazing International Borders

21. India – Pakistan Border

Last but not the least India – Pakistan Border is one of the tense borders in the world. This border is guard 24/7 and regular shelling occurs. No one can cross this border without proper permission.
Amazing International Borders

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