10 Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong Before and After

Plastic surgery is one of those medical procedures which is making waves throughout the world. It is particularly popular in Hollywood with many celebrities resorting to plastic surgery for getting beautiful looks.

However, Is Plastic Surgery always successful?

It is the most important thing to know about plastic surgery.

In fact, there are numerous cases where plastic surgery went wrong. There are celebrities who had done plastic surgery for looking good but sadly ended up distorting their looks completely. Plastic surgery had made them ugly. It is a nightmare for them who are forced to live with the defects which resulted from plastic surgery gone wrong.

So, here is a post which shows you plastic surgery gone wrong before and after. It illustrates and shows photos of celebrities before and after plastic surgery. These photos clearly show the devastating effects of plastic surgery went wrong.

The celebrities whose plastic surgery did not produce the desired results are shown in these photographs. You can see the utter ruthlessness of the effect of plastic surgery went wrong.

Plastic surgery has worked wonders for accident victims, people with birth defects, burn victims, and war veterans. However, in the cases that have been listed below, plastic surgery has failed to live to its expectations. It has proved to be an utter failure. The results are simply disastrous.

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Most of the time, it is due to the over addiction to plastic surgery that has resulted in these disasters. Celebrities are practically obsessed with plastic surgeries. Moreover, because they can afford to undergo plastic surgery, they become addicted to it. But the results prove contradictory to their expectations.

Let us take a look at ten such celebrities who destroyed their looks after plastic surgery.

So, presenting to you plastic surgery gone wrong before and after.

10 Worst Cases Of Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong

1. Nikki Cox

Known for her role in “Unhappily ever after,” Nikki Cox has been stumped after plastic surgery. There is a big change in the before and after photo of the actress. She chooses a wrong doctor for plastic surgery of her face. So, doing Botox proved a tricky procedure for her. She used to look like a hot supermodel before plastic surgery. In her after photo, she has a hard time smiling for the cameras.

Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong

2. Daryl Hannah

Daryl Hannah has been regarded as one of the gorgeous women in the 80’s. She is widely admired for her talents. However, plastic surgery changed everything for her. Her plastic surgery was a horrible one. Looking at the before and after photos reveals that she had some lip injections, cheek implants, Botox, and some face lifting. All these medical procedures let her down.

Plastic Surgery Went Wrong

3. Donatello Versace

She is a well-known fashion designer and the Vice-President of the Versace Group. She has undergone a long series of plastic surgeries since the 90’s. She before and after photo reveals that there are a lot of changes to her nose and lips which is now clearly visible. Most importantly, it is reported that she is not happy with the changes after plastic surgery.

Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong

4. Jackie Stallone

Jackie Stallone is Sylvester Stallone’s mom. She is 93 years of age. She admitted that she had been given Botox injections in a wrong way that led to the changes in her face. It is reported that to have said she now resembles “a chipmunk with a mouth full of walnuts.”

Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong

5. Kristina Rei

Kristina Rei is taking all sorts of plastic surgery. Have a look at the before and after photo. The lip injections have made her lips look as if a thousand bees have stung her lips. However, she is a fearless lady and says she would not stop there. She has plans to have a breast augmentation, a nose job, and also wants to get her ears pointed. All because she wants to look like her favorite cartoon character “Jessica Rabbit.”

Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong

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6. Kelly Bensimon

Kelly Bensimon is a well-known star from The Real Housewives of New York City. She was in the news for flaunting her horrific breast implants in 2008. It is reported that she also had trouble with copyright infringement and had a string of domestic violence.

Plastic Surgery Went Wrong

7. Pete Burns

Pete Burns member from the band “Dead or Alive” is reported to be addicted to plastic surgery. Nothing can stop him from getting more plastic surgery done. He already had botched lip implant. The before and after photo reveals the effect of plastic surgery on his face.

Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong

8. Michaela Romanini

Michaela Romanini is a famous Italian socialite. It is reported that she has an addiction to lip collagen. The many plastic surgeries had made her look drastically different now. She is now practically unrecognizable. Michaela was once one of the most beautiful European socialites.

Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong

9. Amanda Lepore

Amanda Lepore had undergone many plastic surgeries for her lips and cheeks. She has talked about her painful transformation. It was nearly a suicide mission for perfection.

Plastic Surgery Went Wrong

10. Hang Mioku

Hang Mioku was once a beautiful Korean model. She became addicted to silicon injections. Her face got enlarged after she took injections. It has left her permanently disfigured. She now has a scarred and swollen face. The damage due to the self-surgeries is irreparable.

Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong

We hope that this presentation, Plastic Surgery gone wrong has made you aware that the result of plastic surgeries is not always up to your expectation. Plastic surgeries can also make you ugly. Addiction to plastic surgeries is not a healthy sign.

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