10 World’s Most Secret Places

Secret places are by many ways will be interesting and scary too. SSHHHH now we are going to dig out some things about one of its kind secret places in the world. These places are noted for their lesser knowledge in common people’s view. There is the whole world of reason available for keeping these places as secret.

10 Secret Places on Earth


RAF’s Menwith Hill base

The countdown starts with RAF’s Menwith Hill base. Menwith Hill base is situated in North Yorkshire UK. It is basically a base of British Royal air force. It serves as secret intelligent bureau which provides information to UK and US. Interestingly this one is the world’s biggest electronic monitoring station.
Secret Places

ADX Florence Prison

ADX Florence Prison is next in our list. This image is an aerial view. It has been home for the cruelest minds probably in the world history. ADX smashes the hard earned mindset of cruel persons with its rigid cells. The prisoners here almost spend their time with themselves only. One hour break from their cellar is ideally replaced by placing them in another cellar. The basic needs are cleared within the cellar and the only ray of light can enter with a 4” inch window nicely placed in the cellar wall and escaping from this cell won’t even flash in your mind after spending some time here.
Secret Places

Cicada 3301

Cicada 3301 an international organization posted an advertisement stating that it was looking for individuals who are highly intelligent and only very few can make it to the last. The recruitment of Cicada will be through puzzles which will be the most intelligent in the world.
Secret Places

The Tomb of Genghis Khan

Genghis Khan one of the greatest commanders in Mongolian empire the world has ever seen. He still rules the world? Is it true? Yes, The Tomb of Genghis Khan is still not found by anybody. The soldiers of Genghis Khan killed everybody including themselves who attended his funeral. A river’s path is changed intentionally to run over the land where tomb possibly may available. The search is still continuing with all the modern techniques like using drone aircraft also. Hope the mystery of identifying the tomb will be solved at least within this century.
Secret Places

Amber Room

Amber Room, a gift to Russian noble, Peter the Great as a peace symbol from Prussia. It is considered to be built with tonnes of amber plates whose value in current day will eclipse a whopping $100 million. Amber Room whether got dismantled or transferred to a safe remote location is still a mystery after World War II.
Secret Places

Fly Geyser

Fly Geyser situated in a desert region of US has colourful mounds. It has a geyser shooting water in the air. It was created accidentally in 1916 while drilling a well and water shooting from it started around 1960. The underground minerals, which comes out through shooting water accumulated and made as colourful mounds. The saddest truth about this area is no tourists are allowed to see this beauty since it is located in a private property.
Secret Places


AREA 51, a remote place guarded under the strict supervision of the US defence control. We can catch a glimpse of this area in some Hollywood movies describing this place as an alien contact area. The US never explained the secrets in public undergoing within this area.
Secret Places


Varosha is a land ghosts. This was once a star tourist attraction in Cyprus which is frequently visited by the likes of Elizabeth Taylor and many other superstars of yesteryear. The fate of this city changed after Turks invasion in 1974. It is ideal to say that TIME has literally stopped ticking after 1974 since that nobody ever lived here and still the traces of building ruins, abandoned hotels and club houses, a car dealer’s shop filled with 1974 model cars can be seen.
Secret Places

The Mount Weather Emergency Operations Centre

The Mount Weather Emergency Operations Center placed in the second spot of the secret places list. It is a place where US’s top official are relocated in case of any emergency period. Located nearer to Washington DC, this area is safeguarded with commandoes and it is hard to get pass through them for any normal personality. Only the high ranked officials are allowed to enter this site. It is a stand out separate area which is having its own guards, highly equipped office areas with latest computers, broadcasting unit and its own laws too.
Secret Places

Secret Mountain Places

When the heading is secret place then this place is fitting enough to be placed in the numero uno or number one spot. This place is a secret home for millions and billions of secret. Unbelievable isn’t it? But it is fact. Let us share some of the secrets available in this secret place. Its underground storage area is so deep enough to hold a 20 storey building inside it. Do you have any doubt about this mountain office’s depth after reading this? The specialties of this place are listed below:

  • The Fortune 500 companies’ future lies on this mountain.
  • Almost all major banks store their database within this mountain.
  • Millions of the most famous and rare photo’s negatives are kept safely here.
  • Even Bill Gates is not spared and he placed his millions of images in this safety locker.
  • The area of this structure is around 2 million sqft., 17000+ professionals, 3500 vehicles makes this area almost untouchable.
  • This mountain boasts that this place is quite safe enough to withstand even nuclear attack and it can safeguard document up to 1000 of years.
    Secret Places

Do you know any other secret places on earth? Please share with us.

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