Snoop Dogg Net Worth Find (How Rich is Snoop)

If you are searching for richest rappers in the world, then I must tell you that Snoop Dogg Net Worth certainly makes him one of the richest rappers in the world.

He has become one of the most successful American rappers of all times. In fact, Snoop Dogg is the richest rapper in the world.

Snoop Dogg’s net worth stood at a whopping figure of $135 million as of January 2018.

He’s not only the richest American rapper, but he is also one of the finest rappers on the planet.

His whopping $135 million fortune is largely attributed to his successful albums which have been best sellers of all times.

Some of his most famous albums include Doggy Style & Drop it Like It’s Hot. He also works as an actor and media mogul. However, Snoop Dogg is also endorsing brands like Monster Energy & Chrysler. He features among ten richest celebrities in Hollywood.

His strange nickname “Snoop Dogg” has proved to be lucky for him as he has soared to the heights of success, glory, and richness. The nickname Snoop Dogg was given to him by his mother who was inspired by a character in the cartoon, “Peanuts.”

Snoop Dogg Net Worth

Snoop Dogg Real Name

Snoop Dogg whose real name is Calvin Cordozar Broadus, Jr has dominated the American Rap scene for more two decades.

Snoop Dogg Age

How old is Snoop Dogg?

Well, Snoop Dogg was born on 20th October 1971 in Long Beach, California, USA.

He was the middle child in the family. He had two brothers. One was older than him, and the other one was younger to him.

Snoop used to live with his mother and step-father after his father left the family when he was just three months old. It was his mother, who nicknamed him as “Snoopy” much due to his appearance.

Snoop Dogg began rapping when he was in sixth grade.

He loved playing piano and used to sing at the local Baptist Church.

When he reached teenage, he became a member of the notorious Crips gang in Long Beach.

He went on to partner with future rappers Nate Dogg and Lil 1/2 Dead and came up with some tracks.

By 1990, Snoop began to make homemade demo tapes with his friend Warren G. Later.

Warren G asked his stepbrother, Dr. Dre, to listen to his tapes. Dre was so immensely impressed with Snoop’s singing talent that he asked him to collaborate on his first solo venture, “Deep Cover.”

Eventually, his debut album, The Chronic, was released in 1992 and became an instant hit with the audiences worldwide. It was Dr. Dre of N.W.A who discovered him and gave him his first break in the debut solo album, The Chronic.

Since then, Snoop Dogg continued to climb the ladder of success gaining worldwide popularity for his fantastic singing style.

The year 1993 was phenomenal for Snoop Dogg.

One of his most successful albums, “Doggystyle,” was released in this year.

It topped all the major charts in the United States including Billboard 200 and Billboard Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums.

Doggystyle was an all-around hit selling over million copies in the first week of its release. It was certified 4x platinum in 1994.

His second album, Doggfather was released in 1996 which again topped all the major charts in the United States.

The album was double platinum certified in 1997.

Snoop Dogg’s next three albums were with No Limit Records.

The albums were Da Game Is to Be Sold (1998), No Limit Top Dogg (1999), and Tha Last Meal (2000). All of these albums were massive hits.

Snoop then signed up for Priority/Capitol/EMI Records in 2002, where he released the album Paid Tha Cost to Be Da Boss.

His next three albums were released under Greffen Records. They were R&G (Rhythm & Gangsta): The Masterpiece, Tha Blue Carpet Treatment, and Ego Trippin: Malice in Wonderland (2009).

In 2011, his album Doggumentary was released on Priority.

His thirteenth album, Bush was released in 2015.

Besides being an iconic rapper, Snoop Dogg has starred in several motion pictures including “Starsky & Hutch,” “Bones,” and “Ride.”

He has also hosted several television shows such as Doggy Fizzle Televizzle, Snoop Dogg’s Father Hood, and Dogg After Dark.

Snoop Dogg’s Family (Snoop Dogg’s Wife)

Snoop is married to Shante Taylor who happens to be his high school sweetheart. The marriage was held on 12th June 1997.

His marriage with Shante Taylor has proved much lucky for him as Snoop continued to climb the ladder of stardom.

The couple has three children together.

Snoop Dogg’s FamilyImage Credit: Bodyheightweight

Snoop Dogg’s Sons

They have two sons: Corde and Cordell.

Corde Calvin Broadus (nicknamed ‘Spank’ by his father) is the eldest child and son of his parents.

Corde was a phenomenal football player. He was even offered a football scholarship from ULCA.

However, he later took up the music career like his famous dad. We just hope that it works out for him. Now, he is married to Jessica Kyzer. They have welcomed their son, Zion, into the world. The whole family is thrilled.

Snoop’s other son Cordell Broadus is much like his brother.

He has ‘mad skills’ with a football.

However, soon after joining UCLA Bruins, Cordell gave the sport up. He was eager to pursue a film career. It was also rumored that Cordell had plans to re-join the UCLA Bruins.

Snoop Dogg’s Daughter

Snoop Dogg’s daughter name is Cori Broadus, who was born on 22nd June 1999.

She is the darling of the house and is fondly referred as ‘Choc’ by her dad.

Cori has drawn inspiration from his father and started her music career in 2011. Her earliest singles were titled “Do My Thang.” She has also featured on her father’s album “No Guns Allowed” in 2015.

Cori was diagnosed with the Lupus disease which can damage any part of the body. However, Cori proved a true fighter and is winning the battle against the disease. She is fine now, and great things are expected of her.

What is Snoop Dogg doing now?

From the last few years, Snoop has been actively involved on television. In 2013, Snoop starred in “Turbo,” “Scary Movie 5” and the TV series, “The League.” He also made an appearance in “Pitch Perfect 2” (2015) and “Meet the Blacks” in 2016.

In 2017, Snoop appeared in an episode of “The Simpsons” and another episode of “Empire.”


The rapper has earned a lot of fame and honors.

His first album, “Doggystyle,” was No. 1 on the charts.

Besides bagging honors in the music industry, Snoop has made his mark in the celluloid world too. He has starred in the hit movie, “Training Day” (2002) and has won the MTV Video Music Award 2002 for “Best Cameo.” He has also founded the Snoop Youth Football League in Los Angeles.


Snoop Dogg continues to be music lovers’ favorite.

He has successfully built diverse revenue streams that include a lucrative touring schedule as well as various endorsement contracts with Burger King and Wonderful Pistachios.

Like his net worth, Snoop’s popularity is continuously growing.

He has many more rap albums in store for his fans. Snoop Dogg Net Worth is surely a reminder of his superb success as a rapper. He is surely an iconic rapper that rules the hearts of millions of music lovers around the world.

All in all, Snoop Dogg has been immensely successful as a rapper. In a real sense, he has “Made it Large.” Snoop Dogg’s Net Worth proves that he is one of the most successful rappers of all time. Snoop has dropped “Dogg” from his name to become Snoop Lion.

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